New York Weather: CBS2's 3/15 Monday Evening Update

Lonnie Quinn has the Tri-State Area's latest forecast on CBS2 News At 5.

Video Transcript

- Lonnie said it was going to get cold.

- Yeah, he kind of got that one right.

- Oh my goodness. I mean--

- You got to listen.

- --I heard him. I heard you.


- But my goodness. I mean, just feeling it I was like, oh boy.

LONNIE QUINN: Yeah, you know, we've got the new puppy so my wife was out walking the dogs. She said, all right, that's enough of this.


You know, we got the dog, got to walk the dog. Guys, here's what we've got. You can take a look outside and it sure is pretty looking, KJ. I mean, she's right. It's cold, all right? But it looks great outside. Temperature comes in right now at 37. So sure enough, I wrote sunny but it's cold and blustery. 37 with wind at around 15 miles per hour. We just had a wind gust at 24. So 37, gets shaken up a bit and it feels like 32 degrees. But thankfully those winds have backed down from where they were earlier and way off from where they were yesterday. Yesterday we had some 60 mile per hour gusts.

39 was your high temp. 24 your low. Both the high and the low about 10 degrees colder than we should have this time of the year. And you know we should be expecting? Expect basically the exact same temperatures for your day tomorrow. Thankfully the wind won't be an issue but a little snow could be not an issue, could be a novelty for tomorrow, I'll say, evening. And then it stays cold out there.

We're not going to find those big numbers again, 70s like we had last week for a while. But maybe you find a 60 a week from now. Maybe next Monday we'll get back to 60s. Until then, it's 40s and maybe some 50s mixed in.

Let's get right to it. Overnight low. This morning you woke up to 24 degrees. The wind was blowing and KJ said, it's so cold out here. It's 26, so very similar temperature tomorrow. The winds just are not as strong tomorrow morning. In the afternoon, you're 40 degrees. Today you were 39. The difference is it's not a bright, sunny day. It's not. The clouds will be filling in and there is a chance for some precipitation, could be giving some snow, turn over some rain. Let me show you how that is all going to work out.

I think the best looking part of your day is going to be tomorrow morning. Here's your picture at 8:00 AM. You know the clouds are starting to filter in, so it's that filtered sunshine to start off. And then the clouds sort of overwhelm the area. And here we are, 5:00 PM. A snowflake trying to make its way into the area. Remember, the whole problem we've had with the wildfires it's not just the wind, but it's how dry the conditions are. The air is so dry. This is going to be a while before it can actually overwhelm the atmosphere and make its way in. It eventually will.

Now there's not a lot of moisture, first of all. This is a storm coming in from out around the Rocky Mountains. So it's kind of done with a lot of its moisture. It's not a coastal storm. It's just basically kind of rained or snowed itself out. We will see some snow flakes out there. This is 11:00 PM on Tuesday. The rain/snow line eventually sets up basically right over the city, all right? South of it is rain, North holding onto a little bit of snow. And then by the time you get to say 11 o'clock in the morning, it's all done. And you push through Wednesday. You'll start to see a bit of a better looking sky out there for your St. Patrick's Day.

But I told you we want to talk snowfall totals. Is there anything out there? Well, look, if I was creating my own map, I would say, a broad stroke I'd say a trace to an inch or two. But to find an inch or two, you got to go well north of our area into the higher elevation spots of Sullivan, Ulster, Dutchess. This is showing New York City, 3/10 of an inch. But then you put some rain on top of it, so you're going to wash some of that away. Not much rain because again, kind of moisture starved, right? Maybe a tenth of an inch in New York City. Maybe a couple of tenths of inch of rain elsewhere.

So here's how I see it all working out. You're 40 tomorrow, with that little snow shower turn to a raindrop. Wednesday is your St. Patrick's Day. 49 will be the high temperature. A better looking afternoon but it's not great, right? Thursday, you're 52. But rain becomes likely Thursday night going into Friday. And Friday could have another chance for that rain to turn back to some snowflakes. Morning low is 36. You've been with me enough to know, 36, if it's cold enough up top, will be snowflakes at the surface. So that could be another chance for a little coating out there. Guys that's my seven day right there. It is all yours.

- OK, Lonnie. Thank you.