New York Weather: CBS2's 3/18 Thursday Evening Update

Lonnie Quinn has the Tri-State Area's latest forecast on CBS2 News.

Video Transcript

- You promised it. Here it is.

- Oh, look at that.

- Yeah, look, isn't that a gorgeous view of our town? Look at that right there. That's what you got outside, guys. That's what it looks like. I can't mess with a camera shot. That's it. So you've got raindrops out there. Temperature comes in at 45 degrees. Winds are northeast, but they're pretty light right now at 6 miles per hour. That's going to change as we get into your day tomorrow.

47 was the high temperature, so officially 3 degrees off the mark from where you should be. But look at how uniform the temperatures have been all day. They didn't really move at all. 44 was the low, and 47 is your high. But look, they're kind of flip-flopped, right? 44 at 2:29 in the afternoon, low temperature. 47, the high, just about 9 o'clock this morning.

Let's move forward, though, and talk about what to expect. Because we are still on track for this washout of a day to continue. We're going to pick up over an inch of rain for just about everybody. We are not-- notice the asterisk, the double asterisk. That's a point I'm really trying to make. We are not on track for a big snow event. I think anybody could see a trace to an inch, OK? That's about it.

Friday is not about the snow. Friday is all about cold and windy conditions. The winds kick in again. There's wind chills. I'll show you all of that. And if you're wondering about spring, spring will start Saturday morning-- Saturday morning about 5:30. I think it's 5:37 in the morning.

At that point in time, the temperature is going to be below freezing. It'll be 30 degrees in New York City. Plenty of you will be in the 20s. So you're kicking off spring. You're feeling like winter.

And if you look at the amount of rain we picked up so far, the numbers are basically about a half an inch for folks. 0.92, the biggest number for Andover. 0.08, they had a dry slot over Belmar for a bit. But look, Toms River, about a half an inch as well.

If you look at what we're currently getting, we're getting some light rain, except for the area, northern portions of Dutchess County. Some very heavy rain there. That's pushing into the Berkshires. Everybody else, it's pretty light up there. There's a couple little blips of some moderately heavy rain. That could pick up a bit as we get into the nighttime hours. And I'll show you why.

Big picture shows you a pretty decent band right here around Roanoke, Virginia. And that could cycle into the area. So remember, this low pressure system right here, this is pushing off to the east. But as it moves, it circulates like this. So it could drive that into our area. So just know you keep your rain chances in as you go through the late night hours.

And it could even turn over to a little bit of snow, but I really want to emphasize again, a little bit of snow. Watch this. Here's how the computer models are handling everything. This is 11:00 PM. So batch of heavy rain is possible south of New York City. A big break for some other folks, but again, those could easily be flip-flip-flopped. Just know it's a little spottier out there at 11:00 PM, but could be heavier.

Now we do start to see some of that rain transitioning to snow. Because remember, the cold air is coming in from the north. So this is where it's going to happen. And it could push a little farther to the south. Here's 3:00 AM in Manhattan.

Throughout the five boroughs, we got a little bit of snow falling out there. It just doesn't really amount to too much of anything. We're talking a trace to 1 for anybody.

I talked about how the winds will be an issue tomorrow. Look at this. By the time you get to, say, Friday afternoon-- stop it right there, lunchtime-- winds are around 40 miles per hour as for the gusts. So that's going to give you some wind chills that are cold out there.

40 degrees. We'll be feeling like you never get out of the 30s tomorrow. Saturday, 51. You're kicking off springtime at 5:37. But 51 is the high for Saturday, not a springtime temp. More like it on Sunday at 56 degrees. And then we're off and running around 60 degrees from Monday all the way through Thursday of next week. That's the seven day. It's all yours.

- Happy spring, Lonnie.

- Happy spring to you too, Mo.