New York Weather: CBS2's 3/21 Sunday Morning Update

John Elliott has the Tri-State Area's latest forecast on CBS2 News This Morning.

Video Transcript

- I cannot wait to see what John Elliott is doing right now. Do you have the hairnet on? No, you don't have it on yet.

JOHN ELLIOTT: Not yet, not yet. I don't have the hairnet on yet. Vince wanted me to point out that it's actually going to be colder on Saturn today than it will be here. So this is great. So we're at Breads Bakery. Obviously, if it's flourless, this is good for Passover. And Cindy, I like this. Because they've done this in, like, the perfect Cindy Shu, John Elliott size. I think we'd be able to polish that off no problem.

We're going to talk about your Passover menu in just a bit. But right now, let's serve up some sun and some nice numbers as well. So it's chilly right now, but we're going to turn that around. Look at that beautiful city sky. 43 in the city right now, 20s, 30s, and 40s. Cool for Monmouth Ocean, cool through the Hudson Valley.

But we are going to see just a lovely finish to the weekend. Temps are going to be above normal all week, in fact. Nice and sunny through Tuesday. Next chance not coming in really in a big way till Thursday or Friday. West could see a shower on Wednesday. But the odds are low.

In fact, let's talk about that. This is the radar on the satellite, almost taking the day off. It's this big ridge of high pressure. So we have one of the FutureCast models on standby. You can see that's going to block that moisture to the south. Timestamp on top of the screen. Here comes that high. Not much migration, so there's no big shift in the wind. We'll see a few more clouds tomorrow.

But Monday, very quiet. Tuesday, actually warmer. See, we're on the flip side of that high. So we'll warm up. And then that chance of rain is coming in. It's late in the week, Thursday into Friday. Look, see how it's pulling into parts of Ontario? So we're not anticipating much.

We actually do need quite a bit of rain. We're running a deficit of almost two inches just for the month. That's late Wednesday and then into Thursday. And then we could see a few leftover showers Friday. But look at the numbers, though. The numbers are staying high.

Hey, speaking of the numbers the countdown has begun. I know you love the countdown, Cindy. Summer, 91 days away. Memorial Day, 71 days away. There's Easter, 14 days away. But Passover begins in just six days. So we've got the man-- Gadi Peleg here at Breads Bakery. So it's interesting. I was just talking to Danielle--


JOHN ELLIOTT: --who works with you. Great, dynamic Danielle. The last time you were in our studio was back before Hanukkah in December. It's been a long time.

GADI PELEG: If Danielle says it, then it is so. Then I'm sure that is what it is. I do remember we were there. It was beautiful. And that, of course, that holiday is all about sufganiyot, the jelly donuts. And I see some beautiful babka pies. That that's what that holiday is all about.

JOHN ELLIOTT: Why, it's funny, he's got an eye. We got a little monitor here. Oh, look at-- there's your pie.

GADI PELEG: Look at that, there it is.

JOHN ELLIOTT: So now, let's talk Passover. I'm going to swing over here.

GADI PELEG: Yeah, absolutely.

JOHN ELLIOTT: Passover starts here.

GADI PELEG: That's it.

JOHN ELLIOTT: So we have all of the goodies. What now-- what are these up here?

GADI PELEG: Those are flourless brownie cakes. And it's a flourless brownie. It's actually-- the beautiful thing about not having flour in a brownie is you can really taste the chocolate. It's just chocolatey and delicious. And then, of course, macaroons and almond crunch. And these are all flourless. You know those cookies you picked up a minute ago?

JOHN ELLIOTT: Yeah, yeah.

GADI PELEG: I eat those like chocolate.


GADI PELEG: I eat those like potato chips. They're just so crunchy, and delicious, and beautiful. And they're flourless. So you just go through them, you don't even notice. They're just so delicious. Now, I'm not-- I don't want to drive Vince crazy, because we're--

GADI PELEG: No, of course.

JOHN ELLIOTT: --doing the bag up. Matzo ball soup.

GADI PELEG: Matzo ball soup. Matzo ball soup is something we make just this time of year. Our matzo ball soup is a little bit different. First of all, it's completely vegan. We use-- no chickens were hurt in the making of this soup. And the matzo balls are kind of small. And we make them a little bit al dente. Which, again, is a little bit of a fusion thing. I don't think anybody referred to matzo balls as al dente before. But here we are.

JOHN ELLIOTT: But I wanted to talk about this. Not only did you show folks what you have. But you're doing something that you did last year.


JOHN ELLIOTT: That you can't wait till you don't have to do it again.

GADI PELEG: I think so, I think so. So last year, it occurred to us that a lot of people were afraid to go out shopping and couldn't create a beautiful seder meal. And so we created the full seder meal in a box that arrived to your home. We're doing it again this year because still people are not fully vaccinated in the city and are probably not going out.

And so we have it all done. You just call us up and we bring the whole seder to you. But it's something we'll likely stop next year. And we hope that people can go back to cooking their own seders for big groups of people.

JOHN ELLIOTT: Because you want them to do that.

GADI PELEG: We want you to do it. That's what it is. It's all about cooking at home and cooking for your loved ones. But this year, we will continue to do that. And it's designed for a small group because we know you can't have big gatherings. So it's sort of perfect for four.

JOHN ELLIOTT: Right. Well, speaking of cooking. I am going to hairnet up. And we'll be doing that in our next hour. But right now, Cindy, we'll send things back to you.

- OK, remember for me, John, macaroons.

JOHN ELLIOTT: No, oh, macaroons. OK, good, I'll get some. I'll get some.

- Thank you.