New York Weather: CBS2's 3/26 Friday Evening Update

Lonnie Quinn has the Tri-State Area's latest forecast on CBS2 News At 5.

Video Transcript

- --Lonnie for that.

- Yeah, the good and the bad in the weather department. The weather was great, but--

LONNIE QUINN: But you know, when we had talked about it yesterday, I said, everyone's talking the temperatures. I'm telling you, the winds are going to end up being a problem out there. There was actually a report just a moment ago of another tree that fell in portions of Western New Jersey. So they're starting to topple out there. Let's just be as careful as we can.

Let me get you outside, and I'll show you what the temperature is doing and what the skies are looking like. I mean, the skies are beautiful, and the temperature, it is wonderful-- 78 degrees. But it's windy. Now, your sustained wind constantly blowing out there, 28 miles per hour. Gusts right now in the city still, getting the occasional 44 mile-per-hour gust.

You hit 82 degrees-- yeah, that's a record for Central Park. I mean, by a lot. Look at this-- today's warmth, you're almost 30 degrees above normal for this time of the year. It's the warmest March day we've had since March of 1998, and it's the warmest day that we've had since September 10, all right?

By the way, September 10, Georgie's back home running the computers. That's his birthday. And it's not gonna be this warm again, not for a while. As we get into next week, I see temperatures being a little bit below average as we kick off April.

Taking a peek at what the temperatures are doing right now, because this holds a bit of the story. Now, there's a couple of things I want to point out. You're 78 right now in New York City. Do you remember, if were with me at the top of the show, I pointed out the Hamptons in the 50s, and Babylon was around 65, 60-- I think it was 66 or 68. And Greenwich, Connecticut, you were also in the upper 60s.

But then, I showed you how the winds had become westerly for those areas, because they had been out of the south for so long. Even Babylon bumped up about 10 degrees in about an hour, Greenwich, Connecticut almost the same thing. But this is the story right now-- Monticello is at 63. Hmm. 70-- 70 to Newburgh, 63. That's a bit of a drop.

Why? Let me show you. Big picture. Keep going, keep going, stop it right there. All right, we've got this cold front to our north. And yeah, there's some rain associated with the low spinning around it as well.

We're not looking at any of that rain, but this front is going to be passing through the area. Now, so often we talk about fronts coming through and the temperatures are going to dive. Well, the temperatures are going to dive. They're going to dive by about 15 degrees. But do the math-- that still makes for a beautiful, upper-60-degree day on Saturday, and this will be the air mass right here. I mean it's going to be a pretty-looking Saturday.

Sunday is not so pretty-looking, all right? There's your Saturday. By the time you get to Sunday-- and it starts early. I think it's an all-day washout, a chance for rain throughout the entire day. This is 7:00 AM, starting to get its act together, and then you deal with rain all day. That's 11:00 PM at night it's exiting.

Saturday is your day, gang. Saturday is the day that you want to enjoy stuff outside. Taking a peek at how we see the amount of rain stacking up, and it could be a dousing on Sunday. It could be anywhere from like 1/2 an inch to an inch for anyone in the area. Maybe some folks go over that inch mark.

Here's how I see all the numbers. For tonight, 49 degrees, still gusty. Those winds are a problem out there. You could drop into the 30s north and west.

You're 66 tomorrow. It is a spring beauty. Yeah, it's about a 15-degree drop as I was talking about, but still, that is one gorgeous day. Enjoy it all.

And then you get to your day on Sunday, as we discussed. That looks to be kind of a washout. It's the wetter half of your weekend at 60 degrees.

And then, I told you we're not going be seeing 80s again for a long time. Monday, you're 53, bright sky. Tuesday, you're 56. Wednesday, could have a late shower, and 62.

There's your first day of April. 53 degrees, you're colder than average. And Friday, you're about 60. So again, it may be a long time before we get back to some 82-degree readings like we had today. Guys, that's the seven-day. It's all yours.