New York Weather: CBS2's 3/27 Saturday Morning Update

John Elliott has the Tri-State Area's latest forecast on CBS2 News This Morning.

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- Let's now check our forecast. John Elliott's live in Caldwell, New Jersey where the community is remembering the real cost of the COVID-19 crisis. John.

JOHN ELLIOTT: Yeah. I've got to tell you, what a bunch of perspective. You look at that weather and then you look at the day that we are commemorating here. A lot of blessings to count. Some of the energy of that storm in the South resulted in the gusty winds we felt yesterday, but wow, it is lovely right now.

Beautiful skies here Essex County. Let's take a sneak peek of the city where the skies are bright to light as well. So here's the deal, we're going to see some nice numbers today, just not as warm. 52, winds out of the Northwest at 10.

Let's talk about it. We've got records to share from all over the place. These were the highs yesterday. 66 in Montauk. You had the low 80s there for the Jersey Shore, but it was 84 in Toms River.

In and around and close to town, yeah, 84 in Newark, 82 Laguardia, 82 in Central Park. Records, absolutely. 82, 29 degrees above normal. It felt like June and in fact, speaking of the months, that 82 is as warm as we've been since September, smashing the record.

We are not alone. Just take a look at some of these other records from around the area. And it was abrupt, because at lunchtime we were struggling to get out of the 60s and then you can see, read it in red, all of these records from around the area. Now today, we're dialing it down.

We're still about 10 degrees above normal but we don't have the wind. Peak winds yesterday, 47 to 67 miles an hour. Stuff was blowing everywhere. Thankfully, we catch our breath and we catch a break.

So I want to dive right into the FutureCast. Timestamp on top of the TV screen. You're fine today. Passover begins tonight, nice and quiet. Your day tomorrow starts quiet but look at another abrupt change where you're going to see the rain take over, and at times, that rain is going to be heavy.

Possibility even of an isolated thunderstorm tomorrow. I know, and then it's quite a bit cooler. It's kind of a raw feeling. You know, models are hinting that there'll be some on again, off again rain, but it could be heavy at times as you wrap things up. And then Monday, well, Monday is going to be quite a bit quieter and it's going to be quite a bit cooler as well.

And then I do want to point out too that it's going to be a lot cooler by the end of the week Thursday into Friday. This coming Friday, though, it's a very-- I mean, it's a tragic anniversary. It's the one year mark of the death of the principal of Grover Cleveland Middle School here in Caldwell.

James Brown was only 48-years-old. He was a father of three. He served as principal here for eight years after serving many years as vice principal of the high school. He was just beloved.

He was the kind of guy that would do anything for his kids and for his staff. And I'm joined by Cathy. Cathy, you were a teacher with James Brown for all many, the years he was here. What was the loss like to lose this man?

CATHY SALVANTO: Jim was just a model man, principal, father, administrator. He was there for us all the time and he was a great role model for our students.

JOHN ELLIOTT: The thing that struck me is he was so healthy. I mean, it just speaks to how awful this disease is. What's his saying? What was his saying on the back, let's--

CATHY SALVANTO: Make a difference today.

JOHN ELLIOTT: He said that, right?

CATHY SALVANTO: Get out there and make a difference. Yes. This was Jim's motto. If you were to walk into GCM at any time, you would see these words on classroom doors, teachers websites. This is what Jim lived by.

JOHN ELLIOTT: And I don't-- I don't really envy, this is our buddy, John. John is the new principal of the Grover Cleveland Middle School. Coming up in our next half hour, we're going to talk about a tradition that you're keeping alive with Make A Difference Day, right?

CATHY SALVANTO: Yes. In honor of Jim Brown we have Make A Difference Today. We've brought in leaders, community leaders and activists here to the school to talk to our students in the community about the great work that they do.

JOHN ELLIOTT: Yeah. And there is a way for you to tap in on this. This whiz of technology here.

John has got stuff loaded up. We're going to show you how you can see some of that and what the loss means, but how you're remembering James Brown and using his life as an inspiration for these students. So-- And you were nervous. You were great.


JOHN ELLIOTT: Thank you so much. And we'll tell you more of that story and more of your forecast on this beautiful, sunny, but very bittersweet day here in Caldwell. Right now though, Cindy, we'll send things right back to you.

- All right, John. Thank you.