New York Weather: CBS2's 3/29 Monday Evening Update

Lonnie Quinn has the Tri-State Area's latest forecast on CBS2 News At 5.

Video Transcript

- All right, to the weather now. I think we got spoiled last week, you know?

- With the weather?

- Spring was here.

- Yeah, now it's like, wait, what?

- Temperatures?

- Here we go again. Because last week, [INAUDIBLE].

- Yeah, I know. You need a jacket today.

LONNIE QUINN: A jacket, and the wind was just furious out there. It's in the process of backing down, which is a good thing. But I'll show you this picture right now, and we'll talk some temperatures. Because right now is the warmest time of your day. It's 54 degrees, it's a mostly sunny sky. I showed you before that the wind gusts right now are anywhere from 15 to 31 miles per hour. But 54 is the highest temperature we've had all day, and look at this-- Dick is right, pale in comparison to last week or 82 degrees, right? Great outside. Well, 54 is exactly where you should be.

Now, you shouldn't have the winds that you had today, because they were whipping out there, but you can expect those winds to relax, like, sometime after the sun sets. I'd say like, you know, 8:00, 9:00 o'clock at night, they're gonna relax, right? But that's gonna allow the temperatures to drop, because when you take the winds out of the equation, you're not mixing up the different temperatures in our atmosphere, and everything is just allowed to get colder out there.

The breezes do return, though, early morning. So what does that mean? That means that temperatures are allowed to drop, then you put the breezes back in. So then, you get those wind chills. Morning wind chills in the 20s and 30s. New York City feels like about 36 degrees at 7:00 AM.

But again, that's if you catch that wind. And if you catch the wind in Poughkeepsie at that hour, it feels like 29 degrees. All right, the winds are gonna totally relax by the time, you know, like I said, you push into your nighttime hours. And then, you get into your afternoon tomorrow. There may be 5 to 20-mile-per-hour gusts out there. Overall, tomorrow is gonna be a breezy day, but it's a nice day, a really pretty day at 62 degrees. Winds are coming in from the south, so it's gonna warm you up.

Let me show you what's going on with the winds that were hazardous today. I mean, look at all of these icons showing you where the damage reports came in from. It's really Central, Southern New Jersey, Jersey Shore. And if you're not able to make out what that icon is, can we make them bigger for everybody?

There, there you go. It's a house with a tree that's been knocked down on top of it. And we had a number of reports. I mean, every single one of those icons was somebody calling us up and saying, hey, we've had a tree come down. We've had a branch come down. We've had power taken out. So that, thankfully, relaxes into the nighttime hours.

We've had this cold sort of northwest wind today. Tomorrow, this high pressure system is going to take over, all right? It pushes offshore. Now, it's a southerly wind. Your temperatures are going to bump up about 10 degrees or so.

What about rain? Not tomorrow, but by Wednesday, rain moves in, second half of Wednesday. This is 3:30 in the afternoon. Gets heavy. It's getting into the late night hours. And then, Thursday morning early, in the Catskills, there could be a little bit of snow that falls as the temperatures get cold again.

So let's talk about the rain because the rain is the bigger player here 1 to 2 inches for that Wednesday event into early Thursday. So a real soaker, but watch the temperatures. So you're 62 tomorrow, the pick of the week. 63 on Wednesday, still mild, but the rain is back in the forecast. Thursday, now it's the cold air.

And look at these temperatures. Thursday, you're only 48. Friday, with the sunshine, it's only 43 degrees. That's the way to kick off April, right? And then, Saturday, you're 56. The weekend looks pretty good. Sunday, 62. As of right now, there is a little bit of a chance for a shower late Saturday or into early Sunday, but it should be A-OK by Easter egg hunt time. And the bunny is so happy, he's hopping away there. And that is the seven-day forecast. Guys, it's all yours.

- The bunny has some big feet.

LONNIE QUINN: Yeah, the bunny-- yeah. Well, that way, you get some real traction, and you can really power through the Easter egg hop.

- It's great. Lonnie will act it out for us.

- Thank you, Lonnie!

- Yeah, thanks, Lonnie.