New York Weather: CBS2's 4/1 Thursday Evening Update

Lonnie Quinn has the Tri-State Area's latest forecast on CBS2 News At 5.

Video Transcript

- We've had some tough opening days at Yankee Stadium. I put together a list for us. Now today, it was windy out there. It was cold. But I mean, look at some of these. All right, here we go. You can take this one full screen if you like, guys. But we're talking 2018, we had 5 and 1/2 inches of snow. No game. No game 2016. It was rained out. We had four inches of snow for opening day 2003. And the blockbuster of them all, 1982, we had a blizzard. Almost a foot of snow. 10 inches of snow out there. No baseball that day.

Here's our picture as of right now. All right, so we've got a partly sunny sky. It's 50 degrees. High temperature. This is an interesting story right here, because officially, we go into the record books, well, into the Almanac book, as two degrees above average. The record's 83. Nowhere close to that. But 58, two degrees above the average of 56. Yeah, right. That's mother nature throwing you a head fake, all right? That is at 10 minutes after midnight. You're still holding on to some of yesterday's warmth. Yesterday, remember, you hit 63. So all day long, those temperatures have been dropping. You should expect the temperature to drop into the 30s by about 11:00 PM for everyone, maybe even some upper 20s north and west.

But you will plan on sunshine for your day tomorrow. It's just going to be even colder tomorrow than it was today. Then you're on track for 60s for this weekend, especially Sunday, maybe even more so than Saturday. Probably low 60s out there, but 60s. Currently, we got a couple of little raindrops out there in Dutchess County. A couple of snowflakes, maybe, pushing into Sullivan and Ulster. Not really making their way down on the ground, but there's a couple of flying around out there.

In terms of where we've had actual recordings of snow totals, take a look here. Just outside our area. Giorgio, click on this one for me, G, if you don't mind. This is just North of Sullivan County. Peabrook has an inch of snow. You go just north of Ulster County, right around Wyndham, OK? Look at that. OK, this is Roxbury. 1.6 inches of snow. And then for all my friends who are watching in Pike County, just to the west of you, Ledgerdale has about a 1/2 an inch of snow. So again, all those snow totals just outside our area. You may see a little bit push through for some of our more northwest communities. But not too much is going to make its way down to the ground, maybe a little tiny bit.

Big picture shows you, there's the front that came through the area. It's offshore now. Any of that moisture that is out here, it's going to dry out. Number one, it's sliding down the hills, now, as opposed to going up the mountains, right? And you get this wind blowing. Wind dries out an air mass. So it's a windy one out there, and it's going to be cold. Look at this. By 11:30 tonight, everyone's in the 30s. Upper 20s north and west. Then you get to early tomorrow morning. 29 in the city, 20 Monticello. It's going to be feeling like, about, 19 in the city early tomorrow. 5:30, you're 40 degrees in the city. Monticello barely getting to the 30 degree mark.

40, now that's at 5:30. You may be 41, 42 around 3 o'clock in the afternoon. That's going to be my high temperature. But it feels like the 30s when you factor in a 20, maybe a 25 mile per hour gust. And then the weekend. Well, we rebound. Saturday, 56. That's normal for this time of year. Easter Sunday, 62, maybe a couple more clouds out there, especially in the morning. And then lots of 60s for next week. 63, 64, 66, 67. And the next rain chance-- it's a slight one-- would be next Thursday. Guys, that's my seven day. Let's go back to you.

- Looking forward to the warm up, Lonnie.


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