New York Weather: CBS2's 4/11 Sunday Morning Update

John Elliott has the Tri-State Area's latest forecast on CBS2 News This Morning.

Video Transcript

CINDY HSU: Got our forecast, John Elliott, live in his backyard. So wild to think of the beaches and the pools.

JOHN ELLIOTT: Ugh. Just longing for that and longing for some normalcy. Today is not a great beach day. Today is not a great pool day, so it's just as well that the pool is closed. So we have got some moisture to deal with and fog is a real menace this morning as well. So you have to factor in extra time if you have to get someplace. If not, stick around. CBS Sunday Morning's coming up, Cindy and I are here. So let's show you what you're missing by not heading out there.

First off, in the city, fog is a real issue. Wow. I mean, you can barely see the tallest of the tall creeping through the clouds. So we do have a dense fog advisory in effect until 10:00 AM, low clouds and fog and 55. Numbers are going to be just stuck in the 50s because of all of that. Look at that. Now you've got visibility of about a quarter mile, Riverhead up through Orient Point, down to the south shore. It's worse there, Connecticut and into parts of Suffolk County.

Right now, Brick has three, but in Brick it's also raining. So rain's moving into Staten Island as we speak, heading our way in West Essex. So Union, Middlesex, definitely Somerset, Morris County, Warren and soon Sussex. It's just a matter of time. This is going to take over and it's going to be-- wow. Boy, as I'm speaking, getting a little bit more rain here in West Essex. Big area, low pressure, trailing front. Let's time it out for you and show you what you're up against again. It won't be as active this afternoon, but it's still going to be wet. Watch now between now and noon, see how it fills in. I think this model is lagging a bit, that line will probably be a little farther north.

And then you get a sense of that broken nature of this rain this afternoon, but it doesn't break up enough. You still have to have the rain gear if you're going to the Met, and the Met is going to be a close call because of the rain this morning. Now this is tomorrow morning, and you're looking at showers still lingering. So it's a wet commute tomorrow morning. And then it starts to break up a little bit more sufficiently for your Monday afternoon, but it's still a little wet. And that's the pattern. It's going to be a busy week during the course of the next week.

It's going to be cooler than last week and you're also looking at a chance of rain Monday, afternoon shower Tuesday, chance of showers-- about a 20% chance-- and then we wrap up the week Thursday into Friday with a few more showers. So just make sure you keep the rain gear handy. Now today, by the way, is Barbershop Quartet Day. And it's Barbershop Quartet Day because something called SPEBSQSA was founded on this day in 1938. But what in the world is SPEBSQSA?

WILL DOWNEY: SPEBSQSA is the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America.

JOHN ELLIOTT: Could you make the name easier?

WILL DOWNEY: Yes. We are now actually called the Barbershop Harmony Society. A little more marketable, rolls off the tongue a little bit better.

(ALL SINGING) Couldn't walk, couldn't talk, tried to flirt but could only gawk. You made my life one happy game.

WILL DOWNEY: Musically, no matter what age you are, there's nothing like hearing your voice in a four-part chord. It really is almost like a drug for the brain. There's this high that you get from it, and it's awesome.

Socially, I find that when you sing with someone, it's an instant bond.

JOHN ELLIOTT: A lot of it is really having a keen sense of pitch, like this for example. Give me an A.

(ALL) Aye!

WILL DOWNEY: It doesn't matter. Within, like, half an hour to an hour, you sing with someone, they feel like your best friend in the world.

JOHN ELLIOTT: Yes. Barbershop music is challenging. But if you work hard, you can do it. Like, here's one of my favorites. (SINGING) Cindy Hsu.

(ALL SINGING) Good to see you, Cindy Hsu.

CINDY HSU: Oh my gosh. That is hilarious, John.

JOHN ELLIOTT: We did that for you, Cindy Hsu. That's a classic song from the past. It's called the Cindy Hsu Shuffle. And that is Gimme Four, it's a local barbershop quartet. Coming up on our next half hour, we'll hear more of the song and also how they've been making music in the pandemic.

CINDY HSU: That was such a nice surprise, John. Thank you.