New York Weather: CBS2's 4/12 Monday Evening Update

Vanessa Murdock has the Tri-State Area's latest forecast on CBS2 News At 5.

Video Transcript

- See the umbrella there in all the live shots? It's another dreary, rainy day. But we could see some changes tomorrow.

- Yeah, kind of blah, right? Vanessa's here. We're going to see some sun, right?

VANESSA MURDOCK: We are, yes. Tomorrow, a little bit. I don't want to oversell, but it will definitely be drier tomorrow with breaks of sun is how it's looking right now. We do think tomorrow's a much improved day if you don't like, yes, these gray conditions outside.

Let's give you a closer look at the foggy screen of yours. We did have a look at the skyline earlier, but that's disappeared. Those low clouds have taken over the forecast.

It is cloudy, 47. We've got some light rain in our midst, with some heavier pockets to the North. So for the rest of today, it's going to rain, folks. We will certainly get some light to moderate rainfall.

Tuesday-- 10% chance. So I think yes, we're going to see the sun tomorrow. It is an improved forecast. Early tomorrow, 10% chance.

And then I think, well East of the city, there could still be some mist and drizzle impacting your forecast. Wednesday, 20% chance, but mainly through the afternoon and evening. Thursday into Friday there is the potential for more soaking rain, even more impressive than the numbers we had yesterday.

As we look at what's going on out there at this moment in time-- again, light to moderate rainfall in and around the city, across Long Island. It's mostly drizzle and light rain. But as we look to the North, up in Dutchess County, we see this very heavy pocket of rainfall lifting off in the northwesterly direction, heading towards Saugerties.

And I smirk a little, because this is a rare direction for us to witness rainfall. It's really getting pulled in off the open Atlantic, the moisture from the seas. And it's low pressure that's doing the job of bringing the moisture in off the water.

So, we've got stagnant low pressure systems. They will eventually give way to high pressure tomorrow, but it's a brief stint before two systems out to the West-- the energy out here merges to make for a significant storm system for us Thursday into Friday, with some precursors to it late Wednesday.

For the overnight hours, expect what we have going on now to persist until roughly 3 AM. Then, daybreak and beyond, things are improving out there. We see drier conditions, some breaks of sun.

But through the day, we can't ignore the fact that those clouds continue to push their way in from the East. And that's why I say I think we hold on to maybe a little bit of mist and drizzle well East of the city. But generally, Tuesday-- much brighter day on the whole.

Wednesday, we're going to see a mix of sun and clouds with the slight chance of showers, especially later on in the day. And then for Thursday, this is when the storm system gets going and will bring some rounds of heavy rainfall for us, maybe some thunderstorms. And it will continue into Friday.

In the short term, we're looking at minor rainfall accumulations out there. Maybe a tenth of an inch left overnight into tomorrow morning, but then the numbers explode with the system that's going to move through Thursday into Friday. You see here the potential for nearly three inches of rain. Flooding could become possible if the system continues to hold true to what we see right now.

Tomorrow, 60 degrees. Again, a brighter story, but I do think those clouds stay relatively thick East of the city. As we look at the extended forecast here, 64 on Wednesday. We do see a partly sunny sky, chance of showers.

Soggier, cooler for Thursday and Friday. The weekend looking awesome, 62 and 63, with dry conditions as of now. Maurice and Jessica, back to you.

- Not too early to think about that.


- Never. Thanks, Vanessa.