New York Weather: CBS2's 4/17 Saturday Morning Update

John Elliott has the Tri-State Area's latest forecast on CBS2 News This Morning.

Video Transcript

- Let's get the latest on our forecast. John Elliott in the studio with me this morning. It's nice to see you John.

JOHN ELLIOT: Such good advice, though. I mean, you've got to take care of yourself, COVID a key part of that, but your overall health is what is going to keep you a CBS 2 viewer for years to come. All right, so we have got partly cloudy skies and 43 winds out of the North-Northwest, so it feels like 40 in the city right now. We've got an OK weekend. Do you like how we equivocate? I mean, it's not great, but it's not bad. 10% risk of a shower on Sunday. It's just it'd be nice to warm things up sooner on your Saturday.

It's chilly out the door, but speaking of warming things, up there's a nice warming trend in the works for first part of the week. Monday is actually turning a little drier, and then on the other side of the TV screen, Tuesday looks great after that raw Super Soaker Thursday into Friday. 60 today, close to the mark nowhere near the record of 96, but that was a hot year.

Sun sets tonight at 7:38, and if you're tracking the sunset, a week from now, quarter to 8:00, and in eight short weeks the sun will be setting at 8:30. Ah yes, those long days heading your way. More sun is heading your way later today, but we're watching this one little shower. Parts of Morris down into parts of Union County, and it'll kind of-- it'll clip Middlesex as well. But again, this is all wrapping around the low.

Dew points are lower with that change in the wind, so that's not as conducive to any kind of widespread coverage today. And again that's not a big chance, chance of rain on your Sunday, but that's coming out of the Ohio Valley. So overall, today is a better day. You got this area of low pressure finally wrapping up and heading out. 60 your high, still a little on the cool side and that's for the city. It'll be cooler on the North Shore and it's definitely going to be cooler for parts of Connecticut today. And then tomorrow a few drops, it's kind of a weak little rainmaker, and that would be tomorrow afternoon. Should be OK for early activities on your Sunday.

Monday will leave the chance of a shower, but the trend-- the model agreement is for a drier day on Monday and then you're looking at a terrific Tuesday. Today 60, it's a bit brighter, nice and mild, won't be as cold tonight 45. Suburbs are still going to be in the 30's, and then your day tomorrow, more clouds, but a little bit more heat as well. 63 over the next few days. Tuesdays the keeper. Wednesday, better chance for showers late, and that's a cold front into Thursday.

Thursday, cooler gusts, but you know what else is blowing your way Thursday. Thursday is Teach Your Children to Save Day. Only 30% of Americans save, our regular savers. 69% of us have less than $1,000 in savings. This is interesting, millennials are the best saving group right now. 73% of millennials are savers. So you know, I got this little bank to encourage Elizabeth to save for gas money because it's in the form of a gas tank, but the trick is use a clear bank. If you use a clear bank, guess what, as they put the money in, our little junior savers can see it grow.

Don't be afraid of a savings account. Remember savings accounts when you were kids? It's a good thing to get your kids in the habit of going to a bank. And this is important, make sure you clarify need versus want. Do you need it, or do you want it? And it's a good idea to have them earn an allowance instead of just giving them an allowance. It's all about financial literacy, and the best thing Cindy, and this is hard for all of us as we point the finger this way, is lead by example, but so many kids don't know how to even balance a checkbook. Checkbook, what's a checkbook, I just have a card, Dad. So yeah, that's Thursday. Teach Your Children to Save Day and it's a good habit to get in, and the best thing is to lead by example. And if anybody needs a quarter in the control room, I have a couple right here. Back to you.

- John, thank you very much.