New York Weather: CBS2's 4/19 Monday Evening Update

Lonnie Quinn has the Tri-State Area's latest forecast on CBS2 News At 5.

Video Transcript

- All right. To our weather now, Lonnie. Changeable, very changeable.

LONNIE QUINN: OK, yeah. And KJ, you said, hey, you woke up to all the sunshine, then where did it go? If you can sit tight, guys, you'll get it back tomorrow. Tomorrow's going to end up being a good-looking day. But I know right now, it's just not as nice as the way the day started. That's your picture. So you can see, you've got clouds that are out there, it's 60 degrees. A bit of rain, I'll point that out as well. 60 degrees as of right now. High temperature was 65. So your average is 63, you're two degrees above the average. 92, the record in 1976. 22, the record low, 1875. Well, we were 52 to start off this morning.

What do you expect as we look ahead? There are a couple of passing showers out there. Right now, I think the last raindrop is done by about 11:00 PM. So a couple of showers are possible tonight. Then you get a real beauty for your day tomorrow. I think it's going to be the pick of the week. It does look stormy by the time you get to Wednesday, more so after lunchtime on Wednesday. And then you're gonna get a dry day on Thursday, but it's a cold day on Thursday. Some wind chills early Thursday morning. Could be in the teens for some of you out there. I'll show you everything right now.

A couple of those raindrops pushing through the area, and we're seeing a couple of flashes of some yellow. And remember, the green is a light rain. The yellow is a moderate rain. The orange and the reds, that's very heavy rain. But let's zoom in right here. Warren County going to Morris County, a couple of batches, all right? A couple of little spots with a heavier rain shower than places right next door. Moving towards the Mount Olive area, everything's moving to the east. It'll click Burnsville as well.

Let me show you the big picture, though, because this will show you where my optimism comes from. I know we see this line of wet weather around the thumb of Michigan. It would love to come in here tomorrow, but it can't come in here tomorrow. And the reason is, high pressure is going to be in control. This high is going to slide in between those two low pressure systems. This sort of squeaks in, makes a good-looking day.

Now, by the time you get to Wednesday, yes, that front's going to come through the area, and then behind it is the cold air. And we're talking cold enough that right now, in around Montana and Wyoming, they're going to see maybe five to 10 inches of snow. I'm not calling for anything like that, but it's just an indication that our temps are going to get a lot colder by the time we get to Thursday.

So here's how we see it in the Futurecast. By 11:00 tonight, the last raindrops are done. Then you get into your Tuesday, Tuesday looks pretty good to me. Pretty good to you as well. Wednesday, there could be a couple of rain drops that arrive with a leading shower early Wednesday. This is real early, this is like 1:30 in the morning. But it's really going to be later in the day Wednesday when the actual bona fide cold front, right there, comes through the area. Remember the oranges and the reds? That's really heavy rain. The possibility for severe thunderstorm is out there for Wednesday. That then sort of pushes on through, the cold air comes in.

Look at this. Up around Binghamton, maybe some snowflakes flying around. And on Thursday morning, we're going to have a windchill, a feels-like temperature of 26 in New York City. It'll feel like 17 for Monticello.

Now, for your day tomorrow, 73 degrees, the pick of the week. It's mostly sunny, it's warm. Wednesday, I keep saying it could be problematic. I think you could find the chance for severe thunderstorms developing out there. I'm going to keep an eye on that one for you. It's primarily the second part of the day. Thursday, much colder. Starting off at 38, but again, it's going to feel like the 20s in the city. 53, the high temperature.

The winds are blowing on Wednesday and Thursday. You could have some wind gusts 40 miles per hour or stronger. Friday, looking better at 63. Saturday, 66. more clouds on Sunday. Right now, comes with a rain chance, but it's coming from the west. So the farther west you are for the weekend, the better chance you have for some rain. I'll keep tabs on all this, guys, but that's my seven-day, and it's all yours.

- All right, Lonnie, thank you.