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New York Weather: CBS2's 4/2 Friday Evening Update

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Lonnie Quinn has the Tri-State Area's latest forecast on CBS2 News At 5.

Video Transcript

LONNIE QUINN: All right, guys, here is the deal. Dick is really hitting the nail on the head. It's cold out there. So much colder than it should be. In fact, it's almost 20 degrees colder than what we should be feeling this time of the year. Right now the picture's a little bit brighter than it was earlier, catching a few more breaks in those clouds. Those clouds are going to continue to break up as you push into your day tomorrow. But we're really talking temperatures right now. It's 38 degrees. Coupled with a northerly wind, now that's a big component of this, it's coming from the north, it's not a nice southerly wind, it's northerly with a good clip to it.

16 mile per hour sustained winds, but an occasional gust of 28 miles per hour. So you're 38 in the city. You're 33 in Monticello. You're 32 in the Hamptons. My goodness, cold out in the Hamptons. Right now, 39, Sparta. 42 for Edison. But those winds I just showed you make it feel colder. It feels like 31 in the city. The Hamptons, you're feeling like 23. So the beaches are not beckoning anybody as of right now. Feels like 22 from Monticello. Feels like 30 in Poughkeepsie. Feels like 35, Edison. Feel like 32 in Brick. The high temperature is where we rest right now. We're at 38 degrees. That's your warmest reading of the day.

56 is where you should be. As I said, you're almost 20 degrees off the mark, 18 to be precise there. But a cold, cold day. And you started off at only 28 degrees this morning. Well, you can expect to get another very cold morning, almost just as cold tomorrow morning as it was this morning. But then you hit the breaks. Brakes on the cold stuff. Overall, things will moderate as you push into the afternoon. I can say for the most part, it's a pretty good looking weekend, a nice holiday weekend for you. Next week in fact looks pretty good from start to finish. There's really only a few showers in my forecast seven days from now.

The end of next week is next time I see some rain out there. We do get that cold air. That stays in place for the morning hours. So until about 9:00 AM, a freeze warning is in place. And you're probably scratching your head saying like, what's the deal? So the coldest reading anywhere is going to be right in Manhattan. And that's not the case. It's the fact that this area had those big warm temperatures. We had some 82 degree readings last week. So a couple of you got out there, maybe did some early gardening, put some plants out, started some [? annuals, ?] put them in the ground. Got to cover them. You got to cover them because it gets real cold out there again tonight.

So a freeze Warning until 9:00 AM. Taking a peek at how cold it is. The upper levels are actually putting a couple of snowflakes flying around the atmosphere. None of it's really making its way down to the ground, but they're swinging around up at 1,500 feet in the air. Between that high pressure and that low pressure, we've had this setup now for a good 24 hours. It's that wind tunnel that we're dealing with. Those winds still gusting out there. Not as strong as they were, but it's still blowing out there. Once we get on the backside of this high pressure system, meaning once that high pushes offshore and this right here becomes our air mass, well, that's when the winds will become more southerly.

You have lots of 60s in the long range forecast. And it's going to be a nice run. As for a run of the weekend. You're at 55 on Saturday after a very cold start. The skies look pretty good out there. Sunday, 62, for your Easter Sunday. Now, if you've been with me all week long, I was hinting at, is there a rain chance out there? And there is going to be rain in the vicinity. But it keeps pushing a little bit more and more and more to the north. So right now, I think you may see a couple of additional clouds on Sunday, maybe like book end early in the morning, maybe later in the day as well. But I just don't see a lot of rain. It's not an impossibility, but it's just not a huge threat for your Easter Sunday.

Again, more clouds early on Sunday. More clouds again late on Sunday. But all in all, it's a pretty good looking weekend. So I'm going to step this way. We'll go over all the numbers. You're 55 on Saturday, 62 Sunday. We just talked about that. Happy Easter, everybody. Then you get to Monday-- 63. Tuesday, you're 64. Wednesday, 66. A few more building clouds there. And the end of next week. Thursday, you're 63 degrees. And Friday, you're 62. That's when I'm putting in the next shower chances out there. And I just want to, KJ, if we can, because you've had some things to say about the bunny on my, right?

KRISTINE JOHNSON: Looks like an ant eater.

LONNIE QUINN: Looks like an ant eater. I haven't had comments like that, but it's the first one. Sort of anteater like. Remember, KJ, at one point you said to me, he just had big feet.


LONNIE QUINN: Well, I did a little survey. Would it help if I make him a little bigger for you guys? Here we go. Look at that. The bunny that ate the weatherman. Well, I did a little survey here. It's about his feet. His feet are about 90% of its height. So Dick, if this was you, and you're like a six foot guy, your feet would be size 5 and 1/2 feet.

DICK BRENNAN: There you go.

LONNIE QUINN: Godzilla feet you. Bigfoot. Listen, I got to tell you, this bunny rabbit looks a little bit like a cross between the Easter Bunny that I'm accustomed to and the Energizer bunny.

DICK BRENNAN: There it is.

LONNIE QUINN: Perhaps their offspring.

KRISTINE JOHNSON: And you guys match, so you could--

LONNIE QUINN: Yeah, you told me I was looking a little bit-- Yeah.

DICK BRENNAN: You really work that bunny well. You covered it--