New York Weather: CBS2's 4/26 Monday Evening Update

Lonnie Quinn has the Tri-State Area's latest forecast on CBS2 News At 5.

Video Transcript

LONNIE QUINN: Guys, we've got to talk about this weather that's out there right now. Look at this cobalt blue sky. My goodness, it's just spectacular looking, right? Well it's going to get real hot up there. The big talk is, will we be setting records on Wednesday?

I'll take you through everything. Right now, it is 60 degrees outside on that beautifully blue and sunny sky. 60 degrees, that is your high temperature for the day. But notice, 65 is the average. So you're five degrees cooler than you should be.

But I just think when you compare it to what we all had for Sunday's weather, you're going to take this sort of day and going to run with it. And you're going to love it. Take a look ahead what we should be expecting. There's a nice little warm up for your day tomorrow, maybe five, 10 degrees warmer than you were today. A few more clouds than that cobalt blue sky I just showed you.

But pretty good for your Tuesday. The summer feels that a lot of you were looking for will be here on Wednesday. We'll talk temperatures here in just a bit. Then you're cloudy and a bit unsettled for Thursday going into Friday. As for the early weekend call, temperatures in the 60s and the 70s. I will say, as of right now, I think Saturday is the better of the two days.

We'll talk to that in just a moment as well. But for tomorrow, 68 degrees. There's an early shower chance. But boy, that is really like just a slight little chance for maybe like four or five of you out there. There's not much. Very dry air mass right now, 68 degrees.

So you are a touch warmer tomorrow. Skies, they are beautiful right now. The bigger picture will show you the dynamics that are at play. Low pressure to our north, just to the north of Maine, and then we've got high pressure system down around the Carolinas. That gives us that pressure gradient. So it's breezy. It's not windy, but it's breezy out there.

Then this warm front with that southwest air, that flows in here on your day Wednesday. Wednesday, we're talking big numbers out there. What do we get for precipitation? There's that little raindrop out there for a couple of you early tomorrow morning, 5:30. Maybe a sleet pellet mixed in north and west.

And then a pretty decent looking Tuesday. Wednesday looks nice. Wednesday, it's hot, right? 83 degrees, 85 for some of you. Could maybe trigger a singular thunderstorm out there. Not a lot. But the numbers we see for Wednesday, 83 in the city, 85 Caldwell, East Brunswick, Toms River.

62, Montauk. A little cooler with an ocean breeze for you with a southwest wind coming in off the water. Then you get to Thursday. 77, a bit more unsettled. The better chance for some wet weather. 70 on Friday, maybe a leftover bit of rain.

Then for the weekend, 65 Saturday, 71 on Sunday. I'm not going to pull the trigger yet for rain on Sunday. But I do see more clouds. There's a front that's going to go north of us, but it could very well drop south. So I'm betting on Saturday at 65. Guys, that's my seven-day, it's all yours.

- OK, Lonnie. Thank you.