New York Weather: CBS2's 5/22 Saturday Morning Update

John Elliott has the Tri-State Area's latest forecast on CBS2 News This Morning.

Video Transcript

- It's going to be a hot one. John Elliott is live with the latest. Hi, John.

JOHN ELLIOTT: Yeah, and speaking of your cars, just make sure now is the time of year you want to make sure all your fluids are OK in the car and please never forget. Don't leave a pet, child, or anything in a car sealed, because the temperature in that car can soar. So yeah, temperatures all around the area are going to soar today. Let's show you the scene from the city where the skies are pretty. It's a mix of sun and clouds. There will be a little bit in the way of cloud cover this afternoon, and again, Sunday afternoon, 68. West southwest wind at 6 miles an hour.

So let's talk more about what we need to see. We need the rain. There's no rain here. There's a 10% chance of a shower this afternoon and a 20% chance tomorrow, but we're running a big deficit. Just for the month of May, in fact, we're almost down by about an inch. And then when you factor in the spring season, it's more pronounced and problematic. We're below by 3 inches. Now again, slight chance of a shower today and tomorrow, but no big huge rainmaker.

There's another one in five chance you'll see a shower or storm on Wednesday. The concern tomorrow would be individual storms could be strong to severe because of the build up and the instability and the heat in the atmosphere. How about the tropics? Are they going to serve up any help? Well, not really. There's a 30% chance of some development there in the Gulf. And then subtropical storm Ana, first of the season. Again, no major threat to land or population centers, even around Bermuda. So yeah, by and large, the pattern stays very dry, even though we need the rain.

Now, let's talk about heading to the mountains. Don't forget, UV index is high. You need the sunscreen. And it's going to be hot in the Hudson Valley, Poconos, Catskills, so you need to pace yourself. Now with that west southwest wind, it's going to be more comfortable right along the coast, but rip current risk is high. Please be careful. Use the buddy system. And then don't forget, ocean temperatures are still cold-- upper 50s, low 60s. It can shock your system if you dive in, so pace yourself.

Don't forget with that rip current risk and the difference in temperatures, you really want to be smart as you take a dip to cool off. Hello, Summer. 92 today. Tomorrow more heat. Heat and humidity serving up a pop-up storm for your Sunday afternoon. And then watch that cold front. It breaks through and there's a dramatic drop from Sunday into Monday. 70 degrees cooler.

So for your 7 Day Forecast, remember the heat and humidity, features of your weekend forecast, with a stray storm possible each day. Really nice Monday into Tuesday, but then the heat's back Wednesday. Almost 90 again, with a 20% chance of a pop-up storm.

Now Tuesday, by the way, is world thyroid day. So I thought it'd be a good time to head over to St. Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston and talk about this gland. There's nothing bland about this gland, but why is taking care of your thyroid so important? And who should get their thyroid checked?

DR. SRIDHAR NAMBI: The thyroid is very important, actually, for what I call the housekeeping of the body.

DR. CHIRAG BORADIA: It is very critical for day to day functionality.

DR. SRIDHAR NAMBI: It's responsible for a lot of different things from your thinking, concentration, brain function, digestion, heart function, muscle function.

DR. CHIRAG BORADIA: If the thyroid is way off either overactive or underactive, it can be life threatening.

DR. SRIDHAR NAMBI: Without its function, you can literally slip into a coma and die.

JOHN ELLIOTT: What can people do to take better care of their thyroid?

DR. SRIDHAR NAMBI: Eat a healthy diet, exercise.

DR. CHIRAG BORADIA: Whenever they feel fatigued or they're gaining weight, they think it is all the thyroid. They forget to think that it is lack of exercise and eating all the time and sitting on the couch.

JOHN ELLIOTT: So don't blame the thyroid for that?


DR. SRIDHAR NAMBI: Being on a healthy diet, less processed foods, and less foods that cause inflammation would be very helpful in maintaining a healthy thyroid gland.

JOHN ELLIOTT: And then who should get their thyroid checked?

DR. SRIDHAR NAMBI: People at risk, so if you have a strong family history of thyroid conditions, definitely get that checked at least once a year, and, of course, if you have any physical abnormalities in the thyroid on physical examination, I think you should get a thyroid blood work checked, also, along with potentially an ultrasound, as well.

JOHN ELLIOTT: So cancer rates are three times higher in women than men. But survival rates are continuing to climb, and the trend in thyroid care is calling for less invasive activity. So they're doing less surgery and they're studying the thyroid more to see its impact on overall immunity. So take care of your thyroid. And world thyroid day, a good reminder to do just that. Cindy?

- That really is. I didn't know much about the thyroid, John. That was a really good explanation. Thank you.