New York Weather: CBS2's 6/10 Thursday Evening Update

Lonnie Quinn has the Tri-State Area's latest forecast on CBS2 News At 5.

Video Transcript

SPEAKER 1: Back to the weather. After this morning's beautiful display in the sky, we also have some cooler temperatures today. And then it's going to get even cooler, right Lonnie?

LONNIE QUINN: That'll be the big thing. You're going watch temperatures go down even more so tomorrow. You know, we were hyping up how hey, the temperatures are going down, and they've taking almost like a 10 degree drop for a lot of folks. But we still ended up hitting a temperature like 84 for a high. So if you're wondering, hey, where's the cooler air I was talking about? It's going to be a cooler still tomorrow. But that's the picture right now.

All right. The sky overhead is mostly sunny. See all that blue out there. 78 degrees. Let's talk about the high. It was 84. But I do want to mention, that was for about a one hour span we hit 84. Otherwise, we're about 81, 82 for the bulk of the day. 84 at 1:18 in the afternoon, 78 is your average. So you're six degrees above the average. What do we expect as we look ahead?

Well we're going to go from shorts to sweaters around here. Because everybody was wearing shorts, t-shirts yesterday, day before right? And today it's kind of like an in between day. Tomorrow, early in the morning, some of you north and west will be in the 40s, upper 40s. But little sweaters needed. Low rain chances overall. Not just for tomorrow, but I mean like right through your weekend. And it's an OK weekend, it's not the best weekend. OK weekend we're going to have a sun and cloud mix. Low rain chances though like I said.

And the 73 degrees dew points that we had yesterday and the day before, that oppressive humidity, gone. They are long gone. Look at your dew points right now. So 73, 70 above is oppressive big time. 50 or below is boy, almost invigorating. It's 49 is the dew point in the city and 51 for Babylon up to White Plains. A little bit higher as you get up by Poughkeepsie and Kingston.

Skies look to be just fine, right? Well the bigger picture will show you what I'm watching for tomorrow and why I believe there's a better chance to see more clouds, maybe a little bit of a rain chance south and west of the cities. Because this front, right here, and you can see the rain around Washington DC and that's pretty easy to see. That is going to put it into reverse and start creeping back into our area. The high pressure is going to shrink a bit.

So yes, some more clouds south of the area. Maybe a little bit of rain squeaks in, not a whole lot. By Saturday, this is showing a little bit of rain, maybe Saturday, we could see behind that, that's like 5 o'clock in the afternoon. But got to take a moment and tell you what I think about this. Yes, there's a real chance, maybe a 20% chance. But when you see like that light green color presented, it's like a sprinkle, a little raindrop here or there. Maybe a little bit better chance on Sunday, to be honest with you.

So for my beach and mountain forecast. All right. For the mountains, you're in the 70s for both days. Of the two, I think Saturday is the better day. All right. Just a little bit better chance for some rain on Sunday. For the beaches, cooler on Saturday than it will be on Sunday. 66 to 73 on Saturday, 72 to 78 on Sunday. Again, you're going to get some clouds out there. I think overall, as for the weekend, I think it's a brighter skies somewhat, brighter for the east end than it would be for the Jersey Shore beaches.

But that's how I see it. Sun and cloud mix with a rain chance that would develop maybe a little bit on Sunday. A little bit better chance on Sunday then on Saturday. All right, let's move ahead though, and show you how we see your day tomorrow shaping up. 73 degrees, a partly sunny sky overhead then there is a stray shower chance. Not a whole lot of rain, but there's that stray shower chance, nonetheless.

And then we go into the weekend. 76 Saturday, we just chatted about that. 77 on Sunday. Sunday's got a little bit better chance for some rain. Monday, you're 82, Tuesday 81, and then it's the upper 70s for Wednesday and for Thursday. And that is going to do it for me. Your seven day forecast is right there, guys. I hope everybody enjoys it.

SPEAKER 1: We will. Thank you Lonnie.