New York Weather: CBS2's 6/11 Friday Afternoon Update

Elise Finch has the Tri-State Area's latest forecast on CBS2 News At Noon.

Video Transcript

MARY: Well, we have a cloudy, cooler day today and we're wondering about the sunshine for the weekend, will we get any? Let's get over to Elise for the answer to that.

ELISE FINCH: Hi, Mary. Yes, we should definitely see some sunshine this weekend, although we seem to be in short supply. This afternoon we're taking a look, a live look at Central Park where it is cloudy. Currently 66 degrees, winds are out of the northeast at 7 miles an hour and the relative humidity is at 60%.

So what we see this noon, basically temperatures in the 60s for most of the area in the upper 60s. But we do have a 70 degree reading in Babylon, 73 for Poughkeepsie. So a little bit warmer in those spots. But generally speaking, it is cooler for everybody. Temperatures are down anywhere from 6 to 14 degrees cooler right now than it was this time yesterday.

So much cooler, the dew points are also down, so we've got cooler air and a drier air mass in place, as well. We've got dew point in the 40s and 50s versus the 50s and 60s that we saw yesterday. And then the 60s and 70s from the day before. So the dew points are down as well.

And now they're in the category. Today, we're really in that comfortable range. As we head into the weekend the dew points will be up a little bit into the upper 50s, but still not quite at 60 degrees. So invigorating, refreshing, any of those words will be appropriate for what we are expecting this weekend.

For today 73 degrees is our forecast high, so a full five degrees below what is considered normal. We really are going to see some much, much cooler weather, obviously. We're talking about at least a chance for some of this rain to make it to the ground. What happens is for most of us we stay dry, but the cold front that moved through our area, it moved through, it kind of behaved like a brush took a lot of cloud cover and the heat with it.

And so now that that cold front is draped across the Delmarva Peninsula. So the closer you are to the front the more likely you are to see a couple showers this afternoon. For a lot of locations you'll see the clouds but no rain, but as you can see, some of that rain, at least on radar here, is edging its way into New Jersey. So we turn on your Futurecast and you can see we do have at least a chance to see some showers this afternoon. For most of us, we don't see any rain today, it is tomorrow that we bump up our chances for showers to about 20%.

That'll be the case on Saturday and again on Sunday that will have a couple chances to see some showers. Now, no washouts, we're not expecting a washout for Saturday or Sunday, but both days will present us with at least a chance to see some shower activity. And then even as we head into Monday we'll continue to see a chance for some wet weather.

For Saturday though, a pretty decent mix of sun and clouds. We'll definitely see more sunshine tomorrow than what we're seeing today. 76 degrees, and then similar conditions for Sunday when the high will be 77 degrees. For today we're at that very cool 73, stray shower. Again, closer you are to the front the better your chances are of seeing a shower this afternoon.

For tonight, 63 degrees, mostly cloudy. The suburbs will be in the 50s. So it's definitely going to be cool overnight tonight and as we start off your Saturday. But overall, not a bad weekend. Temperatures pretty close to normal, which is 78 degrees in the city. So we'll be in the upper 70s and then a little bit warmer for the beginning of next week. Mary.

MARY: Elise, thank you so much.