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New York Weather: CBS2's 6/7 Monday Evening Update

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Lonnie Quinn has the Tri-State Area's latest forecast on CBS2 News At 5.

Video Transcript

- Million dollars or not.

- Lonnie would do it.

- I mean, it's $3 million, right?

LONNIE QUINN: In a heartbeat.

- It's chump change.

LONNIE QUINN: In a heartbeat.

- Would you really?

LONNIE QUINN: Oh, I'm fascinated by the whole thing. I will say, Sharon might-- may not go for it.

- Yeah.

LONNIE QUINN: And that maybe would change my--

- Yeah, yeah, the old--

LONNIE QUINN: --my actions.

- --the old wife excuse.

- That's what happens.

- I know. I know.

LONNIE QUINN: I will say this much as well. Jeff Bezos is going on the first manned flight. I might wait for the second or third. Let's get the bugs worked out of that.

- I hear you.

- The guy who didn't jump out of a plane--


- --would take a rocket ship, and we're to believe it. I got it. OK.

LONNIE QUINN: Sad but true.

- All right. All right.


- All right, whatever.

LONNIE QUINN: --we're trying here, guys. Let me show you what we've got outside as of right now. So you can see the clouds are there, right? I mean, they're low clouds as well. You can-- the humidity is almost like-- you could almost touch it. The air is just thick out there. 79 right now. You factor in the humidity, well, the dew point is 73. So 79 is going to feel like 82 degrees. 91 was our high temp today. 77 is the average. So today, you're 14 degrees above the average. No heat wave for Central Park yet. That is our second 90-degree day in a row. Tomorrow, we may be just shy. It'll be close. Keep in mind, Saturday, you're about as close as you could get. You hit 89 degrees.

What we see out there for high temperatures around the area today is part of the story. All right, 91 in the city. The hot spots, Poughkeepsie, Toms River, both hitting 93. Look at this, the Hamptons, 75. You guys have been with me long enough to know-- we've been through this 1,000 times-- it's that southwest air flow, right? And you can see where it's coming from. Big old high pressure system offshore pumping in a southwest wind for everybody. It comes in off the land, except the eastern end of Long Island, where it's coming in right off the water, that water right there. Temperatures are in the lower 60s for sea surface temperatures. So of course, you're going to be cooler out there.

What's going to happen as we push ahead, and I'm talking by Thursday. You're still hot tomorrow. You're still hot Wednesday. By Thursday, this front is going to pass through. Going to drop your temperatures about 10 degrees. Then Friday, this front passes through. Drops you by another 10 degrees. So you could be 20, 25 degrees cooler come Friday than you were today.

Take a look at the rainfall chances. Well, we have some rain out there that's exiting northern Fairfield County right now. One little bubbler right here-- zoom in tight there-- right on the Nassau border with Queens, right around Floral Park, moving towards North Hempstead. There's another one, and again, these are not severe. They're quick hitters. They're going to come in with some moderate heavy rain, push out. There's another one you see right here pushing towards Sayreville and Old Bridge as well. But again, heavy rain, and then you're done with it.

What we see for your day tomorrow is going to be very similar. You're going to have a breakout there tonight. You'll get that same break tomorrow night. But in between, you're bubbling up again in the afternoon. That's 2:00 PM on Tuesday. Here we go, 9:30, again, it's sort of faded. Not all faded, but calmer by tomorrow night. Then you get into Wednesday, Wednesday's more of the same. Still a rain chance out there. Thursday, that front comes through. Your temperatures go down. 74 for tonight. A stray shower, maybe a rumble of thunder. It's warm. It is muggy out there.

Then for your day tomorrow, 85. You're on the sticky side. Trust me, the humidity is going to be there. If you do not catch that shower by about 1 o'clock, 2 o'clock, maybe 3 o'clock in the afternoon, 85 could very well be 90 tomorrow. And that would establish a heat wave for the city itself. You're 87 on Wednesday. Still at a risk for some rain. 79 on Thursday. Less humid right at 79. 69 for a high temperature on Friday. Could be a shower all associated with that front. And then upper 70s as you get into your weekend. So the upcoming weekend nothing like the scorcher we just finished with. Guys, it's all yours.

- OK, Lonnie, thank you.