New York Weather: Monday Night Ice Storm 2/15 CBS2 Weather Headlines

CBS2's Lonnie Quinn has a look at the forecast as an ice storm moves through our area.

Video Transcript

MAURICE DUBOIS: All right. Meantime, the anti-California weather around here. Lonnie's looking at this ever-changing and crazy forecast.

LONNIE QUINN: Yeah, it's-- you know, crazy is a good word because we talked how the temperatures are going to be going every which way tomorrow. And I'll show you how warm it's going to end up getting, 50 degrees in some spots out there.

Currently, there's your picture. You can't see too well. We have some fog out there and overcast sky over Manhattan. 33 degrees on the thermometer right now.

But look at the temperatures around the area. This tells quite a story. I'll draw the line for you with my hand. From Greenwich to New York City to Edison, anywhere north of that, that's where you get the temperatures are cold enough right now for some frozen precipitation or some icing. And then you go south of that line, it's a little too warm.

So what's going to happen? With all the tempters be dropping overnight? Is a widespread icing event?

[MAKES BUZZER SOUND] It's not. Watch this. It's going to remain cold enough north and west, but by the time you get to-- stop it right there, 7:30 in the morning. A lot of folks are making their morning commute at that hour. Everyone is above the freezing mark, even the ice box up around Poughkeepsie and Monticello. 34 degrees.

Now at 34 degrees, even 35 for Newburgh, can you have some spots that are icy up there? 100% you can. So it's going to be really tough from about 12:00 midnight until 3:00. Let's just be cautious and say 11:00 tonight until 4:00 in the morning, that would be like your icing event.

But by 7:00 AM, this would all be rain for the area, and whatever is left could still have some icy spots below it, again, where you find those readings of 34 degrees, 35 degrees.

47 in Brentwood at 7:30 in the morning. 51 for Belmar. It's not going to be an icing event for you. It's just not.

And then, the temperatures will max out in New York City, upper 40s. Lower 50s along the Jersey Shore. Same thing for portions of Long Island. Even Monticello, Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, Sparta, you're right around the 40-degree mark.

So the real problematic time when the ice develops is late night tonight, during the overnight hours. But by the morning, when a lot of those morning drives are starting, it's turned to rain. But just remember there can still be some ice on those roadways out there.

So currently a couple of snowflakes out there north of the area.

Here's the icing event that we're watching, which is going to move in. Kind of a quick-hitter, right. It's in, it's out. And if this low pressure system was to go offshore, we'd have a big snowstorm. It's not. Everything is telling us this sets up west of New York City.

You put that low west of New York City, gang, you are on the warm side of the storm and those temperatures balloon up to what I just showed you out there.

Our next snow chance is back here, it's around the Pacific Northwest right now. That's going to follow sort of a similar path. But it does look like this has a better chance to make its way offshore. And if you get that low offshore, the Thursday event has a better chance to see snow in our area, and then it makes the transition over to some wintry mix.

So here's how we see things working out. For today, all right, very likely you're getting the precipitation, OK. Starts with that wintry mix but turns over to rain for everybody.

Wednesday, it's a lull in the action. Thursday, looks like you could be beginning to get some snow, but for the first part of Friday it would turn over to a wintry mix. And then Saturday, you're back to another lull in the action.

So my 7 Day Forecast comes together looking like this. 46 ends up being the high temperature. And this is something that KJ was sort of poking fun at earlier, saying, "Boy, it's every which way. We're going, you know, from very low temperatures in the morning, 33, up to 46 all within the same day?"

That's typically what I'd say if I showed you A Tuesday and a Friday temperature. This is in one day. Wednesday you're back to 32, so it's cold enough but you're getting a break from precipitation. Thursday it looks like we start off with some snow, going over to a mix. Friday's high temperature 42.

Right now the weekend looks to be pretty quiet, with temperatures in the mid-30s. Guys, that is the 7 Day right there. So, again, the biggest concern is late night tonight into the overnight hours for anybody who has to be on the roads at that point in time, it's going to be slippery out there.

MAURICE DUBOIS: You got it. All right Lonnie, thanks.