New York Weather: More Shower Chances

CBS2's Elise Finch has the latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

ELISE FINCH: So we're taking a live look outside. Partly cloudy, 37 degrees, winds are out of the west at 5 miles an hour. So we've got temperatures this morning still ranging from the mid 20s to the upper 30s, which for us is good. For so much of this month, it's just been brutally cold at this hour. I mean, it's still cold. It feels like 23 degrees for Kingston, 29 for Katonah and Cresskill, but it feels like 33 for Central Park, and for us, that is a win, especially this month. So 43 degrees, that's the forecast high for today. It's also what the National Weather Service considers normal for this day of the year. So we're right where we should be, or at least we hope to be right where we should be temperature-wise.

Sunrise this morning, 6:38 AM. We do have a lot of clouds in the mix. So not likely to be a sunny start to the day, but as we head into the afternoon, we should get some clearing for some of the area. Right now, we're dry with just those clouds. We do have a disturbance off to our west, so that means a chance for both some rain and some snow in the tri-state area. Depends where you are. So turning on to Futurecast, this is 7 o'clock in the morning. This is noon. So late this morning into early afternoon, we'll watch this disturbance move in. It does bring some snow, some mixing. Not everybody sees rain. It is definitely a possibility that you could see a little bit of drizzle or potentially nothing at all from this system, and then we do get some clearing late afternoon. Hopefully, we'll get some clearing before the sun sets and you actually do get to see some sunshine today. We get some more clearing tonight, and tomorrow will be an even milder day.

As far as the snow that we do get today, well, some of our northern and western suburbs could pick up another coating to potentially an inch. Yeah, that's a possibility to pick up another inch of snow for some locations out of this system. Not going to be the case tomorrow, as we get a surge of mild air. We're looking at temperatures that should be about five degrees above average tomorrow. It will have a mid-March feel, so that'll be something nice. Plus, we'll see lots of sunshine tomorrow. So for today, we will see some passing showers, both rain and snow, depending on where you are, 43 degrees. Some locations may get through this day dry. Tonight we dip down to 36 degrees. We'll see some more clearing, making way for tomorrow, which still looks like the pick of the week. Mostly sunny, 50 degrees expected for your Wednesday. A little bit cooler for Thursday and Friday, but still mostly clear skies to end the workweek. And with that, I'll send it back to you.