New York Weather: Saturday Afternoon 5/29 CBS2 Weather Headlines

CBS2's John Elliott has a look at the forecast.

Video Transcript

- There you go. But we're talking a lot of rain. John Elliott, how's it looking?

JOHN ELLIOTT: Yeah. Yeah, you know, that's a good point, Cindy because the potential is there for minor road flooding. You have coastal flooding possible. Times of high tide tonight. And it is very chilly. So, yeah. From the wet and cold West Essex view, here's what it looks like for you on two in the city where the rain is coming down. Again, you've got some heavy rain in parts of the area. And it's windy. Temperature right now is deceiving. 47. Feels like about 40, 43 with that wind out of the Northeast at 12.

It is going to be a very damp weekend. Temperatures below normal. Better for the holiday. Look at the dip, though. We were in the 80s over the week. Now, just 53. But by Memorial Day, closer to 70. And the skies are a lot brighter too in the afternoon. Skies are not bright at all right now. We have these wet conditions. And you're going to see the brighter colors indicating the heavier rain that's heading out to parts of Suffolk County. So watch out for that. Now, there will be a bit of a break this afternoon for parts of the Hudson Valley. Small consolation because it is so cold around the area. We have to get ready for that. It's an area of low pressure.

Watch what happens. You think as that low goes we're in better shape for Sunday. No. Another impulse is going to ride along that slow-moving front. That's why we see more rain in the works for your Sunday. By Monday, that high breaks through and you see better conditions with better temperatures and definitely better skies for the afternoon on Memorial Day. But that said, I tell you, your weekend getaway-- challenging. Today, a bit of a break this afternoon for the mountains. But it's still very, very chilly. Sunday is soggy and challenging. Better on Monday.

Don't forget, high rip current risk, even though the beach is not that inviting. Just make sure you're playing it safe. Ocean temperatures still chilly. For Memorial Day, it is looking better, with a milder blend after an early shower shapes up in the afternoon. And wouldn't you know it, Tuesday looks great. And we see more seasonal numbers with, again, about a 30% chance of some showers Wednesday and again Thursday and again Friday. All right.