New York Weather: Sunny And Warm

CBS2's John Elliott has the latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

JOHN ELLIOTT: So you know, when I look at a forecast like the forecast we have today, you know what I say? You're the one that I want. Ooh, ooh, ooh. All right so here's the deal, we have got-- it took a little while, but that was worth the wait, 50. Winds out of the southwest at 3 so that means it's going to be cooler today if you're going to the beach.

Oh, man, how about the pollen? Wow, still way up there. Tree pollen, make sure you are ready for that. And remember, that's not COVID if you're sneezing and you're itching. Oh, I'm in the habit now of, take the dog, little Chloe, just a little white paper towel-- a little wet paper towel, and wipe her off. You know, you have to be mindful of what you're bringing in the house and what's on the pillow, because that can really slow you down in the morning if you're not pollen free at night.

Right now, 41 in Kingston. 42 in Katonah, good morning to you, appreciate you stopping by. 40 in Quogue. 38 in Colts Neck. And cool readings for the Jersey Shore. But this afternoon, we'll do it again, at least 10 degrees above normal. And yesterday, we were at 72 so I think some thermometers hit 70, 72 again today. Sun sets at 7:28.

Now, let's take a radar flight. We are rain free now and all day long. It's a nice ridge of high pressure. Stationary front, and a classic area of low pressure. So that counterclockwise flow around the low, you can see it, there it is. I'll step out of the way. Let's watch this thing come onboard. Today is fine, tomorrow morning OK, but by Friday night, models are hinting at the possibility of a shower.

Now you remember, we talk about all the levels of the atmosphere have to be sufficiently moist to support rain. That means dewpoints are going to be heading up tomorrow. So it's more humid on Friday, and there's that slight shower chance Friday afternoon. Saturday is shaping up for weekend fun, but it will be cloudy and it will be cooler.

Here comes the rain, though, wow. This is now Sunday morning. This is now Sunday afternoon. This is now Sunday night. So not as much of a break on Sunday. That's where we see a better chance for coverage of more of the area for rain. The models are dialing it down, maybe just a half an inch to an inch. But again, it's almost an all day deal. Sorry about that.

Saturday, better than Sunday. Sunday also will be a bit of a fulcrum as far as temperatures because that will bring in cooler air. More seasonal numbers, actually maybe a degree or two below normal, for the first part of next week. So bottom line, enjoy the day today. Mary?

MARY CALVI: John, thank you.