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New York Weather: Wednesday Evening 5/26 CBS2 Weather Headlines

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CBS2's Lonnie Quinn has a look at the forecast.

Video Transcript

- All right, turning back to our weather now. We are on storm watch. I saw earlier that the Yankees postponed their game for this evening. Here is Lonnie with an update.

LONNIE QUINN: Yeah, it's not really here for the entire area yet, but the Yankees are making a good call because it's coming, and I'll show it to you clear as day, guys. It is out there. You can see the haze in the air, right? I mean, it's hazy, but it's still 83. Hot. The haze is indicative of humidity. Hot and humid going to equal showers and storms.

86 was your high temp today. I mean, you're a good 12 degrees above the average, which is 74.

So the chance for severe weather-- the yellow area is our biggest risk, and that's running maybe a 20% to 30% chance. Now, I'm not talking the chance for rain. I'm talking for the chance for those storms to turn severe with some damaging winds out there. This has been expanded from what we saw yesterday because the line is going from top to bottom.

By far the biggest hitter is right here. Can we zoom in tight on that one right around Allentown, Pennsylvania? So now it's not a severe thunderstorm watch but it's a warning for places like Warren County, Hunterdon County into Morris County. And this line gets to Franklin at 6:40. It gets to Newark at 7:09. It will get to New York City at 7:27. North Hempstead, 7:59.

Not the only game in town, all right? Bigger picture is going to show you-- see this line right here? Actually, I'll circle that for you, that big red oval. Secondary line is going to come through later tonight. So we do not take our eyes off the sky until about 10:00 PM. 10:00 PM, things will start to calm down. Tomorrow is going to be a great-looking day out there.

So plan on this. We are tracking the possibility for severe weather from right now all the way through 10:00 PM tonight. They are strong to severe, but it gets weaker the farther east you go. It makes sense, right? I mean, the Hamptons didn't get out of the 60s today. Cooler air is more stable air, right, and that's what we see out there.

So these storms will die down as they move through the area, but they're strong right now, I'll tell you. The pick of the week for everybody will be tomorrow. And then, lo and behold, look at this. Another round comes to the area on Friday. That's not great news, right, because Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday is your holiday weekend.

Well, let's spend some time talking about this. Here we go. We are 82 degrees for your day on Thursday. That is my pick of the week. We will be done with this wet weather by sometime, say-- I'm saying 10:00 PM. Maybe it lingers until midnight or so. Sunshine, 82, lower humidity, great-looking day.

Friday, here we go with the holiday weekend. Well, you're 67. It is more likely that we're going to be dealing with rain that kicks in for the second half of Friday into Saturday, and Saturday is wet weather. I've been saying leftover chances now. I cannot say Saturday is going to be dry for the second half. As a matter of fact, I've now had to put a rain chance in for Sunday.

I am keeping it out of Monday's forecast. Holding on to 73 for Memorial Day, but I'm going to ask you to tune in tomorrow. We're just seeing everything with each model run get wetter and wetter as we look at that holiday weekend.

So I got a rain chance for Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Not so much Monday, but time will tell on that. I just know it's not our greatest Memorial Day forecast that I've ever given you over my 14 years with you, but we're going to salvage some good times out there. I can promise you that.

Guys, that's the seven day. It's all yours.

- At least it'll be the weekend.

LONNIE QUINN: And it's Memorial Day, which is the unofficial kickoff. We like it anyway.

- There you go.

- We sure do.

- Thanks Lonnie.