New York Weather: What A Week

CBS2's John Elliott has the latest weather forecast.

Video Transcript

JOHN ELLIOT: High pressure has been the driving force of our weather, but we're going to wedge in some more clouds over the next few days. See what I did there with the wedge? By the way, I was just talking to Mike here in the studio. Gary Player's 85 years old. 85 years old. God bless him. That is great, and good to see Lee Elder as well.

Beautiful day for golf here. 65, winds are calm. Relative humidity's at 38%. Numbers around the area? Oh, hot diggity dog. 61 to 66, a little cooler in Greenwich, and we also are going to see right at the south shore you're going to stay cooler today with that wind out of at south. But wow, it's 5 degrees warmer than it was yesterday, 13 degrees warmer than it was this time yesterday in Brick.

Look at this month in review. April Fool's Day with seasonal, and then the numbers drop. Remember those horrible wind chills on the 2nd? But boy we just continue to climb. We hit 72 yesterday, so I think we can do 70 today. Why not? 58 is your normal. 90 is the record. Sunset's at 7:28, and that's the good news. We are going to see plenty of sun today.

So here's the deal. We're going to see a little bit more in the way high clouds fill in. That's about it. Expand the view. You still see that high pressure, the driving force. That stationary front off to the west? No issue. However it will change a bit on Friday. Another thing you're going to notice on Friday, more humidity. Dew points are going to be up, so we could see a little bit of fog in the mix tomorrow morning, particularly out to the east.

Now we set our sights on Friday day. Watch the west. This is now late Friday into Friday night. We could see a stray shower. Now again, we've been talking about more clouds and cooler temperatures-- that's Friday, Saturday, Sunday-- but of the two weekend days, it's looking like Saturday may start with a brief passing shower and then that's about it. It's relatively quiet for afternoon activities.

Watch what happens though. Going to change models here. Different perspective, this is the European model, one that goes out a little bit longer more of a long-range model. It's bringing in a lot of moisture on Sunday morning, and then it sticks around Sunday day. So it's more of an all day event. Now it's not a total washout, but I do plan on gray skies, wet conditions, and about half an inch to an inch of rain. It may let up a little bit during the day, but Sunday is definitely the busy day of the weekend so make sure that you're ready for that.

Tree pollen's way up there, by the way. That should help with some of the moisture as we-- Should help with some of that number as we wash it away. Today just great, tomorrow not bad, just a little bit more in the way of cloud cover. A light shower possible. And there's a slight chance on Saturday. Just as you make your plans this weekend, Mary, remember Sunday's wet and then we're cooler on Monday.

But today, baseball, golf, or just hanging out, you've got great weather for it all.

- Yep, and that's home opener. What a day.