New Yorkers aged 16+ get vaccine

New Yorkers age 16 and older became eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine this week. One New York City teen says he's 'excited to move towards normalcy.' (April 8)

Video Transcript

LUCA GERLINGER: What I thought about COVID is, I was always a bit scared of it. I mean, since the beginning I was pretty cautious about it, always masking, even with friends and close relatives and things like that. So, I mean, there was definitely an element of fear all the time, like everyone, I think.

And in terms of the vaccine-- just a lot of hope from the beginning as it was released. And I saw my parents and my sister, who is a nurse, get vaccinated, and I was excited to move towards normalcy like that.

- Do you have your ID?

LUCA GERLINGER: Especially with my age, I think they should be vaccinated, because my age is very social. And I think my age is also responsible for a lot of the initial spread. You know, late high school into college is definitely a big social gathering group, and if that is vaccinated, if that can be taken care of, then you can get rid of a huge spreading of the virus in general.