New Yorkers Once Again Clearing Snow From Roads, Sidewalks After Another Winter Storm

The New York City Sanitation Department is once again out on the roads and New Yorkers are digging out after Thursday's snowfall; CBS2's Andrea Grymes reports.

Video Transcript

MAURICE DUBOIS: To the city now, where the sanitation department is once again out on the roads. And New Yorkers are digging out.

KRISTINE JOHNSON: CBS2's Andrea Grymes-- live in Astoria with more on that. Andrea?

ANDREA GRYMES: Kristine and Maurice-- it's a light sleet or freezing rain here at the moment. But I can tell you, city sanitation crews have been on 12-hour shifts for the last 18 days, dealing with all the snow we've had over that time, plus the garbage and recycling back-up it causes. But they're not the only ones working in this winter weather.

Another storm, another day of snow blowing. Pasquale Madercolo could do without in Throgs Neck.

PASQUALE MADERCOLO: I don't like. I don't like.

ANDREA GRYMES: His Bronx neighbor shoveled and salted, while this postal worker just tried to get through on his rounds. Meantime, on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, deliveries continued on slushy sidewalks. Restaurants can finally let some customers eat inside. But La Mia Pizza says they don't expect much of that today.

RICHIE ATTIA: We make more deliveries than regular people come to eat.

ANDREA GRYMES: In Brooklyn, a beautiful picture in Prospect Park, where the snow didn't stop people this morning from walking and kids from playing. While they enjoyed the winter weather, the city sanitation department once again kicked into high gear. They started on the roads overnight and will continue into tomorrow.

ED GRAYSON: It's going to take us all night to really recoup and make sure that you have traction everywhere. The key message for today is be very slow. Plan for extra travel time.

ANDREA GRYMES: Or take mass transit, like commuters here in Astoria, Queens. The MTA has reported no major issues.

PATRICK LOPES: The trains were a little slower than normal. But no delays like out of the normal.

ANDREA GRYMES: And back out here live, you can see the slick roadways nearing the ramp to the Triborough Bridge and some snowplows. Important to note that these men and women driving the plows are the same ones who pick up the garbage. So that's put on hold as they treat our roadways. The commissioner asking for patience for when they actually get back to garbage and recycling pick up once the snow clears.

Reporting live in Astoria, Queens. Andrea Grymes, CBS2 News.

MAURICE DUBOIS: OK, Andrea. Thank you.