Yosemite National Park Visitors Treated to 'Firefall' Phenomenon

Yosemite National Park’s stunning orange “Firefall” – when the sun reflects off Horsetail Fall on the eastern edge of El Capitan – was visible on February 23, treating nature lovers to a spectacular show.

Ralph McLaughlin filmed a video that shows the waters appearing to be a fiery ribbon.

“A little tough to see the nuance, but in a video, you can see the Firefall ‘flares’ as the wind catches the waterfall,” McLaughlin wrote on a Twitter post that featured the video.

The stunning phenomenon only occurs in middle February at sunset, as the sun hits the waterfall at a certain angle.

According to reports, the National Park Service said the window for the 2021 Firefall was February 12 through February 24. Visitors had to make a reservation this year to watch the phenomenon due to COVID-19 restrictions. Credit: Ralph McLaughlin via Storyful