'You are a child,' McCain's youngest daughter tells Trump, breaking public silence

Dylan Stableford
Senior Editor

As Donald Trump continues to attack John McCain, the late senator’s youngest daughter made a rare public statement upbraiding the president.

“Everyone doesn’t have to agree with my dad or like him, but I do ask you to be decent and respectful,” 27-year-old Bridget McCain wrote on Twitter Wednesday. “If you can’t do those two things, be mindful. We only said goodbye to him almost 7 months ago.”

Her tweet came after Trump aired a list of long-held grievances against the Arizona Republican during a speech at a tank factory in Ohio.

Among them: The president complained that he wasn’t thanked for giving McCain “the kind of funeral he wanted.”

“I gave him the kind of funeral he wanted, which as president I had to approve,” Trump said.

President Trump speaks at Joint Systems Manufacturing Center in Lima, Ohio, on Wednesday. (Photo: Michael Conroy/AP)

McCain had two services, one at the National Cathedral and one at a church in his home state, to which Trump was not invited. Neither would have required approval from the White House. Trump may have been referring to McCain’s interment on the grounds of the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis.

“I don’t care about this. I didn’t get ‘thank you.’ That’s OK,” Trump continued.

The audience, which had applauded and cheered through much of the speech, sat virtually silent during the attack on the late senator and decorated war hero.

Bridget McCain scolded Trump in a follow-up tweet.

“Even if you were invited to my dad’s funeral, you would have only wanted to be there for the credit and not for any condolences,” she wrote. “Unfortunately, you could not be counted on to be courteous, as you are a child in the most important role the world knows.”

Meghan McCain, the late senator’s most visible daughter, read her sister’s tweets aloud on ABC’s “The View” on Thursday.

“I think it’s very brave of her,” Meghan McCain said of Bridget. “She’s very young and she does not speak publicly.”

As she did on Wednesday, Meghan McCain said she did not want people to feel sorry for her family.

“I don’t expect decency and compassion from the Trump family,” she said. “I do want to thank the American public for all the decency and compassion that they have given us.”

Meghan McCain said Trump’s attacks on her father were reminiscent of his verbal assault on Khizr and Ghazala Khan, the Gold Star family who appeared on stage during the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

She called on viewers to donate to a veterans’ charity.

“Can we take this awful moment and turn it into something positive?” Meghan McCain said.


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