'You'll Float Too': Pennywise Painting Lurks in Pipe for Artist's Tribute to Stephen King's It

Just in time for the scary season, an artist based in Shetland, Scotland, has created a collection of paintings featuring popular horror movie figures, displaying them in a suitably creepy abandoned mansion.

Balazs Onhausz, the artist in question, recorded this clip featuring his likeness of Pennywise the Clown from Stephen King’s It, with a trademark balloon included for good measure.

The clip is a promotional piece for Onhausz ‘s mural exhibition, which is featured on 10 windows at Park Hall, an abandoned mansion owned by the Shetland Amenity Trust. It includes other Halloween favorites, such as The Addams Family and Jack Nicholson’s lead character from The Shining, Jack Torrance .

Onhausz told Storyful that in order for the paintings to hold up against outside conditions, he used “durable outdoor paints” and he created waterproof plastic canvases using “one tonne of salmon feed bags” from his place of employment.

According to Onhausz, a portion of the proceeds from exhibition sales will be given to a nearby rural community. More footage of the exhibition can be found on the artist’s Instagram account. Credit: Balazs Onhausz via Storyful

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