Young appears before committee for deputy OMB job

A former staff director for the House Appropriations Committee is now the President Joe Biden's nomine to head the Office of Management and Budget. (March 4)

Video Transcript

PATRICK LEAHY: She's worked on the House Appropriations Committee for nearly 16 years. She's been the House Appropriations Staff Director since 2017. Actually, it's in that capacity I had the pleasure to really get to know her well. And I can tell you without reservation, I can think of no one better suited to be deputy director of OMB than Shalanda. Her deep understanding of the often arcane federal budget process, her years of experience on the Appropriations Committee, her tenacity, her dedication to public service, her honesty, will serve the agency and the American people.

BILL CASSIDY: These days, wide bipartisan support is rare. But when Senators Graham, Lee, Sanders, and Shelby agree, either we're in some sort of weird space-time continuum, or the nominee is exceptionally capable. Because she's from Louisiana, I know it's the latter. She's exceptionally capable. There are unique challenges ahead of us as we recover from the pandemic. Ms. Young is a qualified individual with a distinguished career in public service. I look forward to the Committee and the Senate approving her nomination.

SHALANDA YOUNG: I believe that the federal budget can and should make the promise of this country real for all families and all communities. I have spent the last four years as both the minority and majority staff director of the House Appropriations Committee. I care deeply about the institution of Congress and have been very proud to serve in a position that required compromise to ensure the American people had not only a functioning government, but one that invested in their future. My work on the Appropriations Committee taught me that both sides can compromise without compromising their values, even when that means no one gets everything they want.

Our focus must remain on beating the virus, delivering immediate relief to millions of struggling Americans, and ensuring that we emerge from this crisis even stronger than we were before. If confirmed, I look forward to engaging with members of Congress from both parties on this and other important work.