Young girl receives birthday treat on flight

The special upgrade to Sophia's in-flight meal was served with a round of applause from her fellow passengers to celebrate her eighth birthday.

The flight attendants even went so far as to embellish the cake with sticks to replace candles, which are banned on flights.

Sophia's parents thanked Spirit Airlines for the hospitality on social media saying the gesture had made it a ''wonderful day.''

Video Transcript

- All right, ladies and gentlemen. Looks like a little birdie up here in the air told me that we have a very special birthday on board today. I'm going to need all of your guys' help to wish her a very special eighth birthday. Her name is Sophia, and she's sitting in row seven. If you all would give her a round of applause and wish her a happy birthday for us, that would be great. Thank you guys so much. Happy birthday Sophia.

- So we don't have candles, because we can't have any fire. So this is a little birthday cake for you.

- Thank you so much.

- There's some M&M's and some gummies on it for you.

- Thank you so much. Yay, Sophia!

- Happy birthday, Sophia!