Young Professionals 2 Follow: Bryan Ortner connecting potential employees to careers

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Jul. 18—The concept of "H.R.," especially this time of year, can bring home runs to mind for some, but the name of the game is human resources for Bryan Ortner, at this stage in his career.

The Savannah River Nuclear Solutions employee is in the business of "delivering the good news" — connecting potential employees with good jobs that can make a tremendous impact on their lives.

"I'm currently the manager of talent acquisition and H.R. analytics, so I basically manage the recruiters and a few other folks, like data analysts, here at SRNS," he said. "I had been in recruiting for four to five years previously, before moving into this new management role."

Aside from earning his daily bread and helping others to earn theirs, he has been on board over the years with such organizations as United Way, American Heart Association, Habitat for Humanity, and Friends of the Animal Shelter.

The 32-year-old, a 2007 graduate of South Aiken High School and 2012 graduate of the University of South Carolina, wields a bachelor's degree in business administration, with a concentration in finance, and his dossier now includes designation as a professional in human resources.

He also offered a thought on what he considered to be the best part of the job. "Being in recruiting and talent acquisition, we are afforded the opportunity to help people find their careers and very often help improve or change their lives. We get to deliver the good news. You know, a lot of people in H.R. don't always get to deliver good news to people, but as recruiters, we are making job offers and hiring people, so we get to bring good news to people, and that's a very good feeling that we get to do that."

Role models along the way have included his mom, Trudy, a former educator at St. Mary Help of Christians School; and dad, Terry, who retired in May from a career as a nuclear safety engineer at the Savannah River Site. The clan also includes a sister, Jackie, who now lives in Columbia and teaches English at A.C. Flora High School. The Ortners moved to Aiken in 1990, when Bryan was an infant.

He got on board with SRNS' recruiting team in 2017 and took on his current role in June. The past 15 months, he confirmed, have required plenty of flexibility. "I have been on telework since last April, and still spend probably about 90 percent of my time on telework," he said, confirming plenty of time spent at home.

The letter nominating Ortner to be honored among Young Professionals 2 Follow noted, "Bryan's work has included recruiting of scientists, engineers, project managers, industrial hygienists and others for mission-specific work ranging from entry-level assignments to executive management. He has been directly responsible for recruiting, hiring and onboarding 150-250 employees per year."

Tennis, running and gym time tend to take up some of his spare time, and the highway beckons as well, for visits with Ortner's girlfriend, in Charleston. "I like to spend my weekends traveling, when possible, and ... Aiken has given a lot to me, both through work and through personal involvement. I like to give back to Aiken as much as I can."

Major sources of encouragement have also included one of his former bosses, Francine Burroughs. "She's an excellent leader. She's always been a very good mentor and leader to me. She's done whatever she can to enable me to grow and to do my job best; and today, even still today, even though she's no longer my direct manager, I still call on her probably five times a day just to bounce ideas off of her and get her thoughts."

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