'The Young And The Restless' Star Criticizes Media’s Coverage Of Queen Elizabeth II Death: 'It's Becoming Kitsch'

Depending on where individuals consume their news, albeit traditional media or social media, the difference is as stark as night and day. While Irish and Black Twitter are sending the internet into a frenzy with their antics, many others are mourning the loss and others, such as soap opera star Eric Braeden, sent Twitter and The Young and The Restless fans into a frenzy with his tweet regarding the coverage of the late monarch’s passing.

“Could there possibly be anymore genuflecting by the media about QE2? It’s becoming KITSCH!” Braeden wrote.

Followers tweeted their contempt:

“Oh Eric, disappointing words indeed,” tweeted an individual.

“Eric, this comment is absolutely appalling and disappointing coming from you. She was a truly beloved Queen and loved by many countries outside of Britain,” another tweeted.

“Dude, she was Queen for 70 years. Ten days from death to funeral. Not too much,” tweeted another.

The retorts caused Braeden to clarify his sentiments.

Braeden later tweeted, “Let me make myself clear: I like the traditions the BRITS practice regarding their monarchy! It has given us all a constant in this tumultuous geopolitical world! & it has brought a lot of tourism( money) to the UK! But, as with so many issues, media r beating it to death!!”

Braeden hasn’t been one to mince words.

He has used his Twitter platform to express his contempt with many social issues as well as the coverage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle denouncing their royalty.