Young transgender model is redefining normal

STORY: Ten-year-old transgender model and activist

Noella McMaher is redefining normal

Noella McMaher, Model:

“What is normal? What is normal? It's 2022, no one knows what normal is at this point.”

She opened and closed Renacio's

New York Fashion Week show on September 10

She is believed to be the youngest transgender model

to walk in the February and September shows

“It's cool to have that title. And it shows that I actually am like showing other, showing other people and kids that being transgender isn't bad."

Through her social media activism, she wants people

to know trans kids are no different from other kids

Dee McMaher, Parent:

“You know, as long as she's doing all the things that she needs to be doing, we, we want to make sure that we're supporting her dreams. And the fact that she has this want to be an activist and be visible for other trans kids, we know is just so important in a world that especially right now in our current political climate, that has so many things that are working against her - kids like her.”