Youngsters fill Central Park for trick or treat

Nov. 1—ASHLAND — Hundreds of trick-or-treaters dressed as superheroes, villains and creatures flooded Central Park Tuesday evening.

Despite the cold weather, dozens of families turned out for Ashland's annual Trick or Treat, bringing a crowd of spooky characters to the park. Among the crowd was a group of three young'uns: Avery, Lily and Desmond.

"The best part of this is getting to see friends," Desmond, who was dressed in a Yoshi costume, said. "And I love candy."

"I'm a little of my own thing here, I'm Pikachu mixed with murder," Lily said. "Pennywise is my partner in crime."

Avery was fighting the cold snuggled up in her sea horse costume and said she loves trick or treating.

"This is warm ... my costume is keeping me warm," she said.

Dozens began lining up along the sidewalk toward the middle of the park 20 minutes prior to the start of the event. In line waiting were two more children dressed as a spaceship and a sea horse.

Dressed in a spaceship costume, Axel said his favorite candy is Hershey bars and that the cold weather was not stopping him from getting the free candy.

Ashland Mayor Matt Perkins was there, dressed as Elmo and passing out candy.

"A lot of people say politicians can't get relaxed and have fun," he said. "This is proof we can do it ... Marty (Gute) and I have been doing this for years and we love every minute of it."

Perkins said the trick-or-treat event serves the community while generating Halloween fun.

"It's a safe way for kids and their families to come out, get a little candy and have a little fun," he said. "Everyone was worried about tonight, but it's a perfect night for Halloween.

"No matter what, we were out on Halloween rain or shine and this turned out perfect."

Amber Berry, superintendent of parks and recreation in Ashland, said the long-lived Halloween event is possible in thanks to several organizations in the area. She noted attendance was down this year compared to 2022.

"It does look down, maybe the weather's playing a factor or there are so many trick-or-treat nights planned for the 31st, but it is down from last year."