Your view: Should the wealthy contribute more funds towards fighting COVID-19

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The threat of coronavirus looms large over every geography and every class of the human race. Wealthy celebrities, actors, entrepreneurs, businessmen, tech-giants, fashion houses, and sportspersons around the world are generously contributing funds towards the cause of fighting COVID-19, be it towards scientific/ medical research or contributing to help the poor and needy.

In such a scenario, should Indian celebrities, who have consistently featured in global rich lists, be more proactive with contributing funds for this cause?

It’s all good going on social media and posting motivational messages and making an appearance on balconies to show respect to health workers, but should they extend their social responsibility by contributing even a small chunk of their vast earnings? Or do you think it is unfair to expect them to give away their hard earned money when they themselves also run the risk of contracting the coronavirus and have also suffered financial losses due to it?

Share your views and comments below.

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