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Sip Your Way to Good Health With a Whole30 Smoothie

One thing is clear when looking for the best Whole30 smoothie recipe on the internet: A lot them aren’t actually Whole30 recipes. Yummy, yes, and maybe even healthy-ish-but not Whole30 compliant. The founder of that program isn’t keen on smoothies, and her reasoning makes sense, diet-wise-it’s better to eat your foods than drink them, because then your brain gets the “I’m full!” signal more clearly. That said, sometimes you just need or want a frosty, frothy tall one-and when you do, you can build a Whole30 smoothie that avoids the program's Don’ts: No cow’s milk, oats, sweeteners (that includes those added to plant milks, as well as maple syrup, honey, agave, stevia, and coconut sugar). No traditional yogurt, kefir, fro-yo, and ice cream (obvi!). Now that you know that, want recipes? We've got 'em!

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Sip Your Way to Good Health With a Whole30 Smoothie

Who's in the mood for an ice-cold tropical blend?!

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