You're Kidding Me? Farmer Amazed as Goat Uses Drawer to Help Trash Room

A goat at a farm in Oberlin, Ohio, experienced a eureka moment when it happened upon a way to reach objects on top of nearby furniture.

The moment was captured by farmer Tammy Tunison on a camera set up inside her home, where her pet goat Junior is allowed to roam.

In a Facebook post featuring the footage, Tunison wrote that Junior had “just taught himself” that if he opens a drawer on a dresser “he can use it as a step to reach things he wants on the top.”

Tunison can be seen interrupting the goat after it’s made a mess, dragging objects down from above the dresser, before Junior attempts to go for the drawer again.

Tunison regularly films humorous videos of her goats and other pets, posting them to her Hobby Farm Facebook account. Credit: Tammy Tunison via Storyful

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