YouTuber creates world's first retractable lightsaber that can cut through steel

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A Russian YouTuber is living out a "Star Wars" dream after creating the world's first retractable lightsaber.

Alex Burkan, behind the YouTube channel Alex Lab, was recognized by Guinness World Records for the over 3 foot plasma blade that reaches temperatures over 5,072 degrees Fahrenheit and can cut through steel, according to a news release.

Burkan told Guinness his main field of research was in hydrogen generation equipment and creating the saber was a daunting task.

"All my life I was a great 'Star Wars' fan and the lightsaber was my most-wanted gadget," he said. "For many years I have collected ideas and spare parts for my lightsaber and power equipment on the internet markets and [from] scrap yards."

The first step was building an electrolyser – a device that creates a large amount of hydrogen and oxygen gases and splits them, Burkan told Guinness.

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Through multiple experiments Burkan was able to to squeeze the gas components into a lightsaber handle and was able to produce his first prototype.

"It works for only 30 seconds on full power, the hydrogen torch is not as stable as it could be and you can easily see it when it moves. Sometimes the lightsaber just blows up in your hand because of hydrogen flashback," he told Guinness.

He plans to continue working on his lightsaber and get it "close to the movie version." And if the iconic "Star Wars" weapon doesn't interest you, he is also working on an Iron Man suit.

"Of course it’s a great feeling to get into Guinness World Records with something that you just made with your own hands," Burkan said. "The only wish now to make something more epic!"

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