YouTuber dating consultant charged with theft in real estate scheme

Victims say they invested their money but got no returns. The district attorney's office also believes more victims may be out there.

Video Transcript

- A very bizarre story we're following. A YouTube dating coach and makeup consultant, which is now charged with theft, accused in a real estate scheme.

CHAUNCY GLOVER: Yeah, crazy stuff here. Victims say they invested their money, but got no returns. The DA now believes there are at least six victims, and there could be even more victims out there. Marla Carter now joining us live with the exclusive interview with one of those victims. Marla?

MARLA CARTER: That's right. Now Fox, Chauncy, has a following on YouTube, from dating advice, to make up. In fact, one victim says it's through that YouTube page, that's how she was lured in.

MIKKI FOX: And once I use my concealer, I--

MARLA CARTER: Mikki Fox, aka Michaela Pink, worked to build a brand as a relationship expert. Her website shows her offering courses. One course package costing nearly $500. Marie, who we're not identifying, first came across Fox on YouTube, where Fox has a following.

- I just saw her. She was on my recommended YouTube news feed. And I just thought I'd sign up for a consultation.

MARLA CARTER: So Marie says she talked to Fox about dating, and that led to their second consultation on real estate.

- She was discussing with her viewers how to go about investing your funds into real estate, how to go about creating your own businesses with your stimulus check. Things like that. And that's what made me reach out to her to inquire more about her services.

MARLA CARTER: Marie said Fox laid out the plan-- she would give Fox $21,000. That would be an investment in a property. Then each month, Marie was supposed to get $1,680 back in interest. So by the end of the year, she'd have around $20,000 in cash at that point, and she could then take back her initial $21,000 investment, or leave it for future investments.

- I then attempted to contact Mikki via phone, text, email, and she did not respond.

MARLA CARTER: Marie says she has not gotten a penny of that, and hasn't heard from Fox since. Marie isn't alone. Prosecutors say they have identified six victims, and believe more could be out there.

- Go to the Better Business Bureau website. Check Yelp reviews. Do what you can to protect yourself.

- I want to be clear. I'm not a stupid person. It's just that I was in a bad situation. But I can see how people are so easily misled, including myself, on following someone on social media that has so many followers. But unfortunately, you have to go with your gut if there's a red flag or there's something off.

MARLA CARTER: Now we did reach out to Fox's court appointed attorney. She said she declined to comment. We also reached out to Fox herself. She did not return our calls.