YouTuber David Dobrik donated $50,000 to organizations helping the Black Lives Matter movement (Margot Harris)
David Dobrik Donation
David Dobrik posted receipts for donations totaling $50,500.

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images/David Dobrik/Instagram

  • YouTube star David Dobrik donated over $50,000 to causes furthering the Black Lives Matter movement amid nationwide protests over the killing of George Floyd in police custody. 

  • The vlogger told his 12.9 million Instagram followers that attending a protest in Santa Monica had been "overwhelmingly impactful" and he hoped to "do [his] part" to bolster the cause. 

  • Dobrik posted receipts of donations to The Innocence Project, Color of Change, the ACLU Foundation, Unicorn Riot, and the Black Lives Matter Global Network.

  • Dobrik is known for his lavish fan "giveaways" and financial contributions. 

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YouTube star David Dobrik donated $50,000 to nonprofit organizations furthering the Black Lives Matter movement, according to the YouTube star's latest Instagram post. The 23-year-old told his 12.9 million followers on the platform that he attended one of the many nationwide protests following the killing of George Floyd in police custody, and he wanted to "do [his] part" to contribute financially. 

"Yesterday I attended one of the protests in Santa Monica. Feeling the energy of fellow humans demanding to be acknowledged, heard and respected was OVERWHELMINGLY impactful," he wrote in the post. "Even though I will never be able to fully understand the struggles of black people in our society, I am proud to stand with the black lives matter movement and want to do my part by donating $50,000 to organizations that help the movement."

Dobrik accompanied the caption with a photo from the protest as well as screenshots of the receipts for his donations totaling $50,500: $10,500 to The Innocence Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to exonerating the wrongfully convicted through the use of DNA testing; $10,000 to Color of Change, a nonprofit civil rights advocacy organization; $10,000 to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Foundation which funds the ACLU's litigation and public education efforts; $10,000 to Unicorn Riot, a nonprofit media collective dedicated to "exposing root causes of dynamic social and environmental issues"; and $10,000 to the Black Lives Matter Global Network, an organization dedicated to ending white supremacy and combatting violence inflicted on Black communities. 

In his caption, Dobrik added that making a donation is not the only way his followers can show their support — activism, he said, could take the form of social media advocacy or listening to marginalized voices. 

"There are SOOO MANY different ways a person can get involved and help," he wrote. "If you don't have the means to donate, you can send out a tweet, talk to a friend, or just lend a listening ear to someone that needs to be heard. Stay safe out there!! #blacklivesmatter."

In just 12 hours, the post received over 1 million likes.

Dobrik, who has made a career of YouTube stunts and surprising fans, is known for his extensive giveaways and financial contributions.  

In April, the vlogger orchestrated one of his largest giveaways ever, using a tee-shirt cannon to fire $21,000 checks (attached to his merch) to fans needing financial assistance amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier this year, he gifted a single mom and fellow DACA recipient $25,000.

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