YouTuber 'earns' trip in Singapore Airlines first class suite by flying 'world's most dangerous airline'


A YouTuber has “earned” the right to use a premium suite on a Singapore Airlines flight by first flying with Lion Air, the “world’s most dangerous airline.”

The worst: On Monday, Ben Morris posted a video on YouTube titled “I Flew the World's Best First Class Flight (Singapore Suites).”

Before flying with the best of the best, Morris explains at the beginning of his video that he needs to “start at the bottom.” He then searches for the world’s most dangerous airline on Google and books a flight with Lion Air, the largest airline of Indonesia, from Jakarta to Bali, Indonesia.

Morris shares his observations throughout his flight, noting the plane’s welcoming staff, “crusty” seats and “bog standard” toilet.

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The YouTuber appears to be pleasantly surprised by the experience and shares that he is happy he “survived” the “most dangerous” airline in the world.

The best: After featuring his Lion Air flight, Morris focuses on his Singapore Airlines first-class suite. He explains in his video that passengers who get the “world’s best first-class ticket” experience staying in a “hotel suite in the sky.”

“A ticket which gets you a separate private entry to the airport, access to your own exclusive lounge and then, of course, an entire bedroom on a flight.”

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Morris flew from Singapore to Delhi, India, and featured several highlights of his trip, from fancy meals and a whole bed to a large bathroom with tons of amenities.

“This has been the best flight of my life,” the content creator says before ending his video.


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