Share Your Personal Plastic Surgery Stories With Us

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There are a lot of misconceptions out there about plastic surgery. If you've gone through with one or more cosmetic procedures, we want to hear what it was honestly like for you.

A group of doctors operate on a patient during a breast implant surgery
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Maybe you thought you’d never have work done but ended up deciding to do so after considering it further.

A doctor inspects a female patient's face, which has been drawn on in preparation for a cosmetic surgery
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You might have turned to plastic surgery due to an injury or other medical condition, and your situation improved as a result of your procedure.

A patient wears a medical gown and sits in the doctor's office
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Perhaps you went into it thinking that plastic surgery is similar to how people describe it in TV shows and movies, but you learned those depictions are way off from reality.

A woman flips through television channels
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For example, you could have assumed your surgery and recovery would be a breeze, but it was much more intense than you realized.

A man has lines drawn on his face and doctors inspecting him prior to a cosmetic procedure
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And after your procedure, you may have ended up not feeling 100% satisfied with how things panned out, or you might have been totally happy with the results.

A woman looks at herself in the mirror and smiles
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Whatever your cosmetic procedure experience was, members of the BuzzFeed Community, please share what going under the knife was like for you. Your comment could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post.