Yuba County Leaders Pen Resolution Supporting Second Amendment To Uphold Gun Rights

Leaders in Yuba County are considering an unusual step to uphold gun rights: a resolution supporting the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Video Transcript

- Leaders of Yuba County are vowing to stand by the Second Amendment.

- It's an effort by the Sheriff and others to show their support for gun rights.

- Yuba County is considering an unusual step to uphold gun rights, a resolution supporting the Second Amendment of the US Constitution. Board of Supervisors Vice Chair Randy Fletcher says, it's a way to affirm the right to bear arms.

RANDY FLETCHER: What we're trying to make it clear to our community is that we have very strong feelings about the Second Amendment.

- The retired law enforcement officer says firearms are part of the rural communities way of life.

- All of us tend to live with guns. We're very familiar with them. We respect them.

- The two page resolution is being brought forward by the County Sheriff and DA. It calls out past gun control efforts, stating that governments have repeatedly attempted to infringe upon our individual rights to keep and bear arms by legislation and regulation. It goes on to say, Yuba will not abide by any order, provision, law, regulation, or rule that has been determined by a court of competent jurisdiction to violate an individual's right to bear arms. Many in the community say they're in favor of the statement.

- Well, yeah, they should support it. It's a right.

- But others question the vote.

- I just don't like guns, and I don't think you need it.

- It's a bold move to shine a spotlight on constitutional rights, while taking aim at gun regulations.

- We need to stay focused that it is a right set by our Constitution, and I hope it's respected by all levels of federal, state government.

- And this resolution was written before today's gun control announcement from the White House. The board is scheduled to vote on it next Tuesday.