Yummy Answers: Are these cocktail recipes legit?

·Lifestyle Editor
·1 min read

Yummy Answers is about answering all the questions you might have about kitchen hacks, tiktok recipes, old wives’ tales (for the kitchen) and more.

There are plenty of supposed hacks and secret recipes on TikTok, and they can be a roaring hit or hilarious miss. After all, TikTok sensation Khaby Lame made an entire channel reacting to (and in effect dissing) the absurd "hacks" that can be found on the platform. 

Apart from such videos, there are also plenty of recipes floating in the midst. Some of them seemed to be able to condense complicated recipes into easy 3-step ones. We went through a couple of videos for cocktail recipes to try and see if there's any legit easy-recipes in the midst. 

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