Zac Taylor on Ezekiel Elliott: “We like our team as where it’s at right now”

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Earlier today, an report characterized free-agent running back Ezekiel Elliott as having three teams from which he’s choosing.

For one of those teams, that was news to the head coach.

“There’s a lot of great players that are available right now,” Bengals coach Zac Taylor said Thursday night, via Mike Dyer of WCPO-TV. “We like our team as where it’s at right now. But it’s always funny when things get thrown around. Sometimes, it’s the first you hear of it. But that’s just the way life works.”

The way life works is, in some cases, a reporter will do a favor for an agent (in exchange for future considerations, like getting the scoop on where the player will be signing) by helping to create a market. That can happen by, as in this case, shading something in a way that isn’t exactly true and accurate.

Read the article. Adam Schefter never says the Bengals, Jets, or Eagles are actually interested in Elliott. But it’s clearly implied that Zeke isn’t barking up an empty tree in any of the three cities.

To summarize, Elliott has narrowed his options to the Bengals, Jets, and Eagles. Taylor’s comments would seem to be a no. Per multiple league sources, the Jets and Eagles aren’t currently interested, either.

So if Elliott wants to play in 2023, he may have to expand his options — or reduce his expectations enough to get one of those teams interested.

Zac Taylor on Ezekiel Elliott: “We like our team as where it’s at right now” originally appeared on Pro Football Talk