Zakarpatska recruiters says employees distributing summonses in gyms and recreation facilities is legal

Territorial center of recruitment employees in the gym in Uzhhorod
Territorial center of recruitment employees in the gym in Uzhhorod

The Zakarpatska Territorial Recruitment Center or TRC explained why their employees have been distributing mobilization summonses in gyms and recreation facilities in a Facebook post on Dec. 8, saying that their employees were acting within the law.

Representatives of TRC said that "in their opinion," men who "consciously avoid military service, go to gyms or relax in recreation complexes are not privileged compared to servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who are holding the defense in difficult conditions and fighting the enemy."

The presentation of a summons does not guarantee immediate conscription to war, according to representatives, as individuals must undergo data verification and a medical examination. If found suitable for military service, mobilized individuals will then proceed to training. The TRC reminded about the consequences of evasion and obstruction in the summons issuance process.

Videos began to appear on social networks on Dec. 5, showing employees of TRC conducting raids in gyms in Uzhhorod. Later, similar events took place in Dnipro, Kyiv, and other cities.

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A scandal occurred after a bus driver taking a team of children from Vinnytsia to a taekwondo competition in Uzhhorod was taken from his hostel room in the middle of the night and delivered to the military commissariat by employees of the local TRC,

Ukrainian journalist Vitaliy Pavlovsky reported the incident on Facebook on Nov. 12.

The Zakarpatska TRC said that the man had been evading military service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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