Zelenska warns of 'wider crises' if Ukraine loses war

STORY: “How does the world expect to reach climate neutrality, if it can’t even stop the burning down of whole Ukrainian cities. This is what Russia does with its artillery, missiles, Iranian drones. You all know that Russian aggression was never intended to stop at Ukrainian borders. This war can move forward and ignite wider crises if Ukraine loses.”

Zelenska also said in her speech that thousands of children are given away for unlawful adoption into Russian families.

“This is about thousands of children who we have to protect from losing contact with their relatives and motherland, which is what Russia does (to them) by giving away thousands of children for unlawful adoption into Russian families. This is not just an attempt to wipe away the memory about who they actually are. This is a crime against the essence of parenthood, against what united mother and child, father and child, for centuries.”

Ukraine's president and foreign minister have over the last two months talked up Ukraine's new diplomatic strategy of building relations with countries in Asia and Africa, as Kyiv tries to broaden its coalition against Russia.