Zelensky Shares Nightly Address With Attendees at UK Charity Event

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke to attendees at a fundraising event held at his country’s embassy in London on the evening of May 5.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Labour leader Keir Starmer were both in attendance at the “Brave Ukraine Charity Event” on Thursday. Zelensky provided updates on rescue efforts in Mariupol, where he said Ukrainian forces continued to hold out at the Azovstal steel complex.

“Usually I address Ukrainians at this time and in the same way every night, when I summarize the events of the passing day,” said Zelensky. “Every night – from the first day of this full-scale war of Russia against our state of Ukraine.”

Zelensky referenced Johnson’s speech this week to the Ukrainian parliament, addressing the Prime Minster by his first name.

“The day before yesterday – on the day when you, Boris, addressed our parliament, the Russian army launched 15 missile strikes at Ukraine. And this can be called a certain “Russian compliment” to your brilliant speech and our fruitful interstate cooperation. Because yesterday there were only 7 such strikes," said Zelensky." “Obviously, Russia is annoyed by our proximity – Ukraine and Britain. So this means that we are really strong in defending freedom in Europe.” Credit: Volodymyr Zelensky via Storyful