Zelensky: Ukraine to impose more sanctions against Russian individuals

President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a video address on Jan. 15 that the National Security and Defense Council is creating new sanctions lists, noting that “decisions will be made soon.”

“We will do everything to ensure that the sanctions operate as widely as possible: in Europe, in the world,” he said.

Earlier today, Zelensky signed a decree to sanction almost 200 Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian public figures supporting Russia’s war, including Russian propagandist Serhii Sosedov, singer Yuri Loza, and pro-Kremlin journalist Diana Panchenko.

“Responsibility for terror will be for everyone: both for those who kill and for those who help (Russia) to kill,” Zelensky said.

The decree is the second massive round of sanctions against Kremlin supporters after Zelensky issued a decree sanctioning 119 Russian and pro-Russian Ukrainian public figures on Jan. 7.

Zelensky said on Jan. 7 that Ukraine will expand sanctions against Russian citizens and those affiliated with Moscow “who justify the war (against Ukraine), help to wage it, or glorify the terrorist state.”

He added that “everyone whose voice sounds in unison with the roar of Russian artillery will be isolated from the civilized world.”