Zelenskyy on 200 days of war: World in awe, Russian forces in a cold sweat

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President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that after the 200th day of the war, the world is in awe of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, while the Russian forces are in a cold sweat.

Source: President Zelenskyy’s video address on the 200th day of the war

Quote [addressing Ukrainian soldiers]: "Today, everyone sees and heeds your feats in northern, southern and eastern Ukraine. The world is impressed. The enemy is panicking. Ukraine is proud of you, believes in you, prays for you, and is waiting for you.

The path to victory is a difficult one. But we are certain: you are capable of reaching it. You will advance as far as our border in every part of Ukraine. You will see the frontiers of our country and the backs of our enemies. You will see our people’s eyes shine and the occupiers flee. They will call it ‘goodwill gestures’. We will call it a victory."

Details: Zelenskyy stressed that the Ukrainian people know that their army is the world’s first army.

He also commented that many occupiers have learned once and for all that it is correct to say "in Ukraine", not "on Ukraine". ["In Ukraine" is correct, using the pronoun "" – literally "in" – in both Ukrainian and Russian; however, many Russians continue to use the pronoun "", or "on", which is the equivalent of saying ‘in the Ukraine’ in English and is a Soviet colonial legacy - ed.].

"I am talking about all those who set foot on our land and now remain in it. Many will remember forever what awaits all uninvited guests in Ukraine," President Zelenskyy said.

He also addressed all rocket and artillery units of the Ukrainian forces.

Quote: "How could one describe your skilful work in two words? Accurate and explosive. We thank you  for every one of your accurate and explosive attacks. For every enemy convoy, warehouse, base and headquarters that has been destroyed. For all of the crucial crossings and bridges. For every site set on fire as a result of your attacks and as a result of fire safety rules violated by the enemy.

Online and off, people are wishing you to aim well and hit your targets. Meanwhile, they tell the occupiers in a language they understand [switching to Russian]: ‘Stop smoking where it’s not legit. Smoke somewhere we haven’t yet hit."

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